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How to Make Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

Virgin Coconut Oil is getting global reputation as the healthiest and versatile oil in the world. The Philippines is considered one of the best sources of virgin coconut oil and it’s also gaining popularity in...


Bougainvillea Bonsai

Everyone wants their living space to be graceful. One of the many ways to do it is growing an indoor Bonsai tree. Bonsai Tree helps a person to bring nature’s beauty into his home. There...


Dried Mango – Sweet Dried Mangoes

Dehydrated or dried mango is made from the pulp of ripe carabao mangoes dried through the principle of osmosis followed by drying with the use of a cabinet electric dryer. The finished product is golden yellow with a semi-translucent, plump appearance with a chewable texture that is neither crisp nor leathery, and a flavor characteristic of sweetened mango.


Economic Importance of Macapuno

Macapuno is a mutant coconut obtained from the coconut tree. lt looks like the regular coconut fruit except that its meat inside is completely filled with a jellylike thick white meat and does not contain...


Sweet Pepper Production Guide

Sweet Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) belongs to the solanaceous family and can be grown throughout the year. It is a good source of vitamin C and iron and usually served as fresh or cooked with...

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