How to Start an Internet Cafe Business

How to start Internet business? First thing, an Internet shop, computer shop or cybercafe is a place where one can use a computer with Internet access, usually charged per hour or minute and sometimes one can have unmetered access with a pass for a day or month. It may serve as a regular cafe as well, with food and drinks being served.

internet business

Costs in starting Internet Business

I. Estimated Investment Costs

Descriptions (minimum specifications) Amount
Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
512MB Video Card
10/100 LAN Card (or built-in)
CD or DVDRW Drive
56K modem or ISDN (internal or external)
19” LCD Monitor
Keyboard and Mouse
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
9PC Workstations (not branded)
Intel Dual Core, 1GB DDR2 RAM
512 MB Video Memory
LAN Card 10/100
160G Hard disk, 1.44 Floppy Drive
17” LCD Monitor
Keyboard and Mouse
Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)

27,000.00 /pc = 243,000.00
1Laser Printer
1Ink Jet Printer
Other Peripherals
Headset @ 600.00 /pc.
10Web Camera @ 950.00 /pc.
50m LAN Cable /UTP/CAT5 @ 50.00 /m 2,500.00
RJ45 Connectors @ 10.50 /pc.
Switch Hub // Router Wireless
UPS 500 VA @ 2,000.00 each

Software Requirements

Operating Systems (Windows XP Professional) for
10 units @ 6,750.00 per license
Any Anti-Virus Software, Anti-Spy software – will
eliminate or minimize treats and system breakdowns
Any Application Systems for operation – Word
Processing, Spreadsheets and Gaming Software

-Estimated investment costs based on 2009 prices

Direct Costs-

Supplies and Materials (Papers, CDs,
Diskettes, Printer Cartridges, Pens)
Internet Service Provider (ISP)/DSL

-Monthly cost assumption

Indirect Costs

Labor Cost
(P382.00/day min. wage x 30 days x 2 staff)
Water and Electricity (P250.00/day x 30 days)
Contingency Cost (10% of direct costs)

II. Estimated Income for One Month Operation

Internet (Surf, Chat, Email, SMS)
(P20.00 /hr x 7 hrs x 30 days x 10 PC)
Encoding (P10.00/pg x est. 100 pp /mo.)
Printing (P5.00/pg x est. 600 pp.)
Scanning (P10.00/scan x est. 50 scan) 1,500.00
Gross Income from Operation
Direct Costs
Indirect Costs
31,520.00 42,520.00
Estimated Net Income from Operation

Other Products and Services:
– Gaming
– Web Designing
– Desktop publications (e.g., calling cards, invitations, etc.)
– Other computer-related services
– Food, coffee, beverages, schools and office supplies, etc.

III. Procedure in starting Internet Business

Online business must have a network connection or connectivity between your computer and the Internet, a network, or another computer. A network is a group of computer systems that are connected together. Sometimes a computer is connected to a local area network (LAN) which connects computer systems that are close together, such as in one room or on one floor of a building. A server controls most of the networks. With Network Connections, you can gain access to network resources and functionality, whether you are physically located at the location of the network or in a remote location.

Small Internet and Computer Services Business should have Personal Computer (PC) Server and PC Clients.

Server – a computer that carries out clients’ requests. It is the main computer or device on a network that manages network resources and handling network files, printers, database, and other devices. Servers are often dedicated that they perform no other tasks besides their server tasks.

Client – an application that runs on a PC or workstation and relies on a server to perform some operations.

There are different network connection types. The most commonly used by Small Internet Café Business are Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) connections or broadband provided by Internet Service Providers (ISP) companies. Some are still using Dial-Up connections with subscription plans.

IV. Hardware Requirements for Network Connections

Depending on your configuration, you may need some or all of the following hardware:
1. Network adapter with a Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) driver for LAN connectivity;
2. One or more compatible modems and an available COM port. A 56k modem or Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) adapter if you are using an ISDN line;
3. DSL or cable Modem, typically connected to an Ethernet network adapter;
4. Analog telephone line; and
5. A multi-port hub/adapter, which may improve performance for multiple connections.

V. Selecting your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that provides Internet access to other companies or individuals. An ISP maintains connections to other networks and ISPs, acting as a router for Internet traffic between a customer’s computer and any other machine also connected to the Internet anywhere else in the world. ISPs can provide access to the Internet in many ways. Most ISPs in the country are into subscription plans and provide good packages for home use and small businesses.

If you are looking for internet providers for your cafe then it’s essential to choose someone that can offer a good speed and high bandwidth connection for multiple devices to to connect to your cafe’s wifi, start reviewing the best business internet providers in your area over at Theme Scene.

Download a sample of Computer shop feasibility study.
Sample 1
Sample 2

VI. Registration Requirements

Business Name Registration
Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) within NCR

a. 12/F Trafalgar Plaza, 105 H.V. Dela Costa St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel. No.: 811.8232 loc. 208

b. 2/F Park N’Ride, Lawton, P. Burgos Ave., Dr. Basa St.
Ermita, Manila
Tel. No.: 536.7153

c. G/F Highway 54 Plaza, EDSA
Mandaluyong City (across SM Megamall)
Tel. No.: 706.1767

d. 5/F Araneta Square Mall
Monumento Circle, Caloocan City
Tel. No.: 332-0854 / 332-0829

Provincial Office where the business is located
Website: www.bnrs.dti.gov.ph for online registration
Validity: 5 years

Mayor’s Permit
Residence Certificate and Sanitary Permit from the Municipality or City where the business is located
Validity: 1 year

Tax Identification Number (TIN)
Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)
National Office, Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City
Email: contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph
Trunkline: (632)929.7676 / 927.2511

VII. Financing

SSS Special Financing Program
Social Security System (SSS)
Institutional Loans Department (ILD)
SSS Building, East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
Tel. Nos.: (632) 920.6401 / 927.8249
Email: member_relations@sss.gov.ph

Small & Medium Enterprise Credit
Phil. Business for Social Progress
18th Flr., Phil. Social Dev’t. Center
Magallanes cor. Real Sts. Intramuros, Manila
Tel. Nos.: (632) 527.7741 to 48 / 527.3751
Fax No.: (632) 527.3751
Email: pbsp@pbsp.org.ph or smec@pbsp.org.ph

People’s Credit and Finance Corporation (PCFC)
395 Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City
Tel. Nos.: (632) 897.8549 / 752.3746
Fax No.: (632) 897.8523 / 897.8528
Email: info@pcfc.ph
Website: www.pcfc.gov.ph

VIII. Technical Assistance

Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC)
PTTC Building, Sen. Gil J. Puyat Avenue cor.
Roxas Blvd., 1300 Pasay City, Philippines
Tel. No.: (632) 468.8969
Fax nos.: (632) 831.9988 / 833.0809
E-mail: info@pttc.gov.ph

Source: dti.gov.ph, Photo: digitalbattle.com

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    Hardware specifications are out of date and overpriced. This is the ideal specs, for the time being, which can run modern games like DOTA 2, LoL, BF3, and the likes:

    AMD A6 6400k/7400K
    A68 FM2+
    4GB DDR3 1866Mhz
    1TB 7200rpm SATA
    18.5″ LED

    1 complete set including peripherals (keyboard, mouse, cables, avr) costs more or less than 15k.

    Printers are cheap, you can get 1 with CIS for 5k.
    Webcam is really optional, 500 each if needed.
    You don’t need to have 1 UPS for each PC, 1 for server is enough.
    LAN Cables CAT5e/6 costs more or less 10/m, RJ45 is 5/piece
    AIO Printers already have scanners so no need to get another one.
    You don’t need to pay for anti-virus software, AVG gives it for free and it’s pretty good.

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  17. I was talking this over with a friend. Should the monthly rent and monthly employee wage be considered in the initial investment?
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    • Usually you need to pay for a deposit and a few months advance payment to your landlord before you sign a contract… so yes you need to consider this type of “rent” in your startup capital or initial investment… but the monthly rent is considered as an operational expense. For monthly employee wage it is an operational expense not a startup expense unless you want to curve one month salary for your employees in advance… so no matter what your first month’s income you still have cash reserves for salary.

      For an internet cafe financial calculator, you can download the tool here Internet Cafe Financial Calculator

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