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A Penny Stock with a 10% Dividend Yield

With outlook for yield from bonds continuing to remain low for many years, investors are looking for investments that can provide income in uncertain times. While many investors look to large firms, I think that some select penny stocks might be able to offer an attractive dividend yield that is...


Do you know all about investing in stocks?

If you have all of your financial ducks in a row, investing in stock markets may seem like the next logical step in your financial evolution. One way that you can add value to your portfolio is by investing in stock markets. Investing in stock markets can lead you to...


How to Invest Risk-Free in the Volatile Share Markets?

Most of us think of share market investments as a tool to make a quick buck. This is where we go wrong. Investing in the share market is not a quick process. It requires patience and a good amount of research so that you don’t end up losing money. The...


Follow these steps to know what kind of options trading suits you

Trading in securities at a pre-determined price, whether buying or selling, is preferred by many because trading in options provide good money-making opportunities. Options are derivative contracts that come with conditions attached that allow the holders of the contract to buy or sell it at a chosen price. Options sellers...


3 Untold Tips You Should Consider Before Buying Stock

The stock is a common way a company sells its shares to anyone interested in being part of the company. The stock you buy should earn you dividends. According to, dividends are earnings made by the company and therefore returned to the shareholders through cash payment. However, some people...