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Do You Own A Nonprofit? Here Are Some Useful Tips

One of the most important things for nonprofit organizations to do is to follow best practices. These are guidelines that will lead your organization towards success, and help you build a strong culture. However, following these practices can be difficult if you don’t know what they are, which is why...

Set Up a US LLC

Best Ways to Set Up a US LLC for Non-US Residents

A US LLC (limited liability company) is an entity that provides the limited liability of the corporations with the tax benefits of partnerships. You can enjoy limited liability because it’s easier to comply with corporate formalities like record-keeping and meetings. A US LLC can have one member or many members....

Wedding Venue Business

Ten Must-Know Tips for Starting a Wedding Venue Business

Although the event industry, in general, will never cease to evolve, there is a distinct charm about the wedding venue business that sets it apart from regular event organizing. People naturally want the best for their wedding day, so providing a venue and related services is slowly becoming an increasingly...

forming an LLC

4 Things You Should Know About Forming an LLC

If you’re a novice entrepreneur with an idea that could become the next Facebook, then starting your own company is exciting. With so many concepts flowing around in your head, the thought of being your own boss is even more appealing. Unfortunately, it can also be overwhelming and stressful when...

Becoming an Entrepreneur woman using laptop

Business 101: Your Guide to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to become a boss of their own? Aspires never to work an 8-hour job? Wishes to have income despite not working? Well, truth be told, that dream is difficult to achieve. However, don’t get discouraged. You can turn your dreams into reality with hard work and...

phases of a business person using laptop on white wooden table

Different Phases of a Business

After a start-up of a business, every business goes under different phases. Below is a list of all these phases. Execution stage The time has come to put everything planned into action. To execute your business plan, we have prepared for you this list of steps: Seek financing The ideal...

business management plan

Make a business plan before starting a new business

Then, another subject of significant importance: we advise you to draw up a business plan before starting your business. The business plan is far too often considered a document to be given to the banks to support a request for financing. Although banking establishments systematically request it, the interest of...

Home-Based Business person using macbook air on brown wooden table

How To Start a Home-Based Business

Do you not operate efficiently in communal working environments? Are you determined to take full control of your career? Is there an entrepreneurial streaking coursing through your veins? If you answered yes to all three of those questions, you should seriously consider starting your own home-based business. Should you embark...