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Word Economy

What Is The Word Economy And How Business Writers Can Achieve It?

Word economy means using the fewest possible words to say and communicate your message without losing its original meaning. It means to make your work to the point, without unnecessary cliché and weak language. The work is shorter, clearer, easy to comprehend, and stronger. It helps you polish your work...

European economic recovery white high-rise buildings

The European economic recovery scenario in the eyes of Hani Zeini

It is impossible to predict the economic effects of lockdowns, and those who try to are playing the fool’s game. Believe it or not, the COVID-19 recession is manmade, and its scale is truly unprecedented in history. Leaving aside the debate whether the virus is laboratory grown, it is hard...

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Marcus Debaise on Reviving the American Economy after COVID-19

The US economy is in a devastating position as a direct result of the corona crisis. However, there are strategies to recover from the impacts if the appropriate measures are taken at the right time. Though many criticized Trump’s offer to provide incentives to companies moving from China to the...

world economy

How Can The World Economy Evolve?

The world economy is so important to remain stable and since 2008 all countries have been doing all they can to ensure that a crash doesn’t happen again. Inevitably it will happen at some point in the future but the marked increased in limiting policy in relation to the freedom...

investing in gold price

Signs That Matter When Making Gold Price Forecasts

Gold is an integral part of our economy and impacts economic health. If the gold price forecast indicates high rates, then the economy may not be very healthy. Low gold rates, on the other hand, signify a strong economy. When such is the influence, it is essential to know the accuracy of...

custom t-shirt

The best custom T-Shirt trends and the printing market scenario in brief

The custom T-shirt printing market is booming, and the figures are expected to rise even further. A report by Credence Research Inc. Custom T-Shirt Printing Market – Opportunities, Growth, Competitive Analysis, Share, and Forecast 2017-2025, this industry has made a dramatic comeback following the economic slowdown, a period when the...