The best custom T-Shirt trends and the printing market scenario in brief

The custom T-shirt printing market is booming, and the figures are expected to rise even further. A report by Credence Research Inc. Custom T-Shirt Printing Market – Opportunities, Growth, Competitive Analysis, Share, and Forecast 2017-2025, this industry has made a dramatic comeback following the economic slowdown, a period when the majority of the people were facing difficulty in using funds for this market and rather preferred diverting funds for meaningful expenses. From that scenario, the market has risen like a phoenix.

Since there are strong possibilities that disposable income and purchasing power of people will improve over the years, the printing industry is slated to see betterment.

Online e-tailing will drive the printing industry

It is not just the custom T shirts industry but the entire printing industry as a whole that will flourish. As far as e-tailing is concerned, the custom apparel market has benefited immensely. The report also states that this industry will exceed the US$ 10 billion by the year 2025 at a CAGR of 6.3% during the forecast period between 2017 and 2025.

Classification of the custom T-shirt market

The market, depending on the printing technology, is classified into plot printing, digital printing, and screen printing. According to a report in 2016, screen printing was popular and continues to be so even to date. In fact, it is the dominant technique. This sector attributed to approximately 55% of the revenue that was generated from this industry.

Digital printing is not far behind. The fact that it allows for imprinting the “art file directly” on to the apparel or the garment material makes it simpler. Also, it is affordable. So, there has been a shift in printing technology preferences, and more and more people now prefer digital printing.

Best custom T short trends to watch out for

Every year just as resolutions change, people make and oftentimes break them, the trends in this sector keep changing depending on consumer preferences. Basically, the following types of selections or customization are made in apparel, particularly the T-shirt when it comes to printing.

Solid colors with a general message

If there is a particular message that has been haunting you ever since you can always print it down on your T-shirt or gift it to someone. These are the ones that are available in solid colors with the message in the center. 

These will also include special occasion messages like birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation, friendship day, valentines’ day, mothers’ day, fathers’ day, and so on.

Formal customized

There are many instances, when if you belong to a group, let us say, a school or college band, or even if it is a particular department in the office, you get to see them. They not only help people in identifying your department or group, but it also gives you a sense of belongingness.

Attraction for kids

These are customized according to the requirement and are usually available in vibrant colors. You can find them in cartoon characters, preferably the superheroes for the boys and stuff like barbie for the girls. They are an all-time favorite among the children.

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