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5 Tips for Writing Shareable Blog Posts

If you don’t have a blog for your business, you’re missing out on a whole lot of highly engaged internet traffic – but it’s not enough just to write blog posts. You have to write smart blog posts – posts that appeal to your potential customers in a way that...


Backlink Strategies for Bloggers: Get on The Top

The goal of every blogger is to get people to discover and engage with their content. However, this is getting increasingly difficult. WordPress accounts are being opened by aspiring bloggers every day, increasing the volume of content available. There is hardly any field that is unique or unsaturated. As a...


5 Blogging Trends to Keep You On the Top in 2019

Is blogging easy? Most people who don’t know much about it think it’s very easy. They think it’s something anyone can do and excel easily. The idea of sitting all day in front of your computer screen with your pajamas on seems fascinating to them. The truth of the matter...


5 Top Ways to Monetize a Blog

A successful blog is a profitable blog. That is probably why so many people are starting blogs right now, hoping that someday they’ll earn their financial freedom. A hobby blog is very different from a business blog. When you want to make money by blogging, you enter a different environment,...


8 Steps to Grow Your Blogging Hobby into a Career

According to Joyce Reynolds, a proficient business coach, hobbies pertain to the things you choose to do. Usually, these are the things you’re likely to enjoy and excel. Therefore, finding for career clues in your choice of interest, hobbies, as well as vocational hobbies will give the best direction for...


How Guest Posts Help Bloggers Themselves

The number of businesses acquiring the services provided by SEO companies in the Philippines is getting higher and higher over time. They are finally realizing how much help SEO can give them during the time known as the “internet age.” SEO uses many strategies in promoting a product or service;...


Is Flat Design Making Our Sites Boring?

The web is a place where new trends travel at the speed of bits, and several new design trends have been heading to displays faster than a neutrino. According to stock photo provider Shutterstock, in 2012, minimalism was one of the top types of images with 1.8 million downloads. This...