Backlink Strategies for Bloggers: Get on The Top

The goal of every blogger is to get people to discover and engage with their content. However, this is getting increasingly difficult. WordPress accounts are being opened by aspiring bloggers every day, increasing the volume of content available. There is hardly any field that is unique or unsaturated. As a blogger faced with these challenges, how can you manage to stay at the top of your game, making sure that your content reaches a broad audience? That is the subject of this article. 

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The easiest way to increase your visibility is through Google. Google ranks websites/blog sites when queries come in. Several factors determine whether your content goes to the top of the chain. One such is the quality of your backlinks. 

A backlink is a link from one (related) site to another. Google uses backlinks to determine if your site is trustworthy. If a reputable site inserts links directing traffic to your site, it boosts your credibility and increases your standing. The insertion of a link in itself is a show of faith, and the more reputable the site is, the more value the link has. Also, Google tracks your site’s relevance to any query. If the website which inserts your link has content related to yours, the links will be treated as superior. Overall, these will determine your ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You must understand that with Google, the emphasis is not so much on the number of backlinks as the quality of backlinks. Thus, your focus should not be on amassing backlinks. Your focus instead should be on getting strong backlinks that can buoy your rankings. Here are some backlink strategies to improve your site’s rankings: 

1. Write guest posts for other sites:

This is the simplest, and perhaps the most effective means of gaining backlinks. It goes without saying that the sites you should seek to write for should be reputable sites within your niche. 

Guest blogging will involve writing for the site, then inserting a link back to your site at the end. This will not only boost traffic to your own website, but it will also improve your rankings. You will also be building a beneficial relationship with the larger site. 

It might be tricky deciding on the sites to write guest posts for. Firstly you have to make a list of options. Then, narrow them down based on relevance to your niche and domain authority. Sites like Opensite and Moz Bar will help you determine domain authority. Afterward, you can make pitches to the sites you’ve decided on. Make sure you are familiar with the site before pitching any ideas to them. It will help if they feel the topic you want to write on will be something their readers/followers will be interested in. Hence, you need to do your research. 

2. Offer your content as a Resource:

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For this to work, you will have to follow the same process as when reaching out to bloggers to write for them. However, here, instead of asking to write for the sites, you will offer your content as a resource. 

Writers for large sites also carry out research before writing their content. When you offer them your content as a resource, you make the job easier for them. They can reward you by inserting links to your resources in their article or referencing your site. 

3. Stay Relevant. 

Being relevant is one of the ways to get unsolicited backlinks. The two previous suggestions will have you reach out to others for backlinks. However, if you are relevant in your chosen niche, you will get links to your site without soliciting them. People want to read what is trending. Bloggers will also be more willing to include your links if you are relevant. Thus, when you stay consistent, people will want to engage with your content, and other bloggers will want to include your links to boost their traffic. 

Also, always carry out your research before putting out any content. You have to be an authority on a subject before someone includes your link in their articles. Statistics and data are of premium quality for this sort of endeavor. Being the original source for information on a given area makes you highly-linkable.

Whatever strategy you choose to employ, the goal should be to increase traffic to your site. Consider the tips above and choose the one which works best for you. 

Author’s Bio: 

Louis Robidoux is a blogger who enjoys writing articles that are of great interest to society. After having lots of posts published on different platforms, Louis decided to create his own site deeptop10.com where he’s covering topics about food, interesting hacks, and lifestyle.

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