Can agriculture go digital – Boris Wolfman on technology to aid agricultural processes

Agriculture is a booming business that relies on various innovations and technological advancements for building sustainable and greener earth. Globally, agribusiness, like all other forms of business, depends on the endless demand and supply chain that maintains the profit margins and keeps the market economy flowing. However, with the growing need, there is also a call for innovation and a complete revamping of the existing technology is required and immediately.

We need to take care of the environment while feeding the world’s population, opines Boris Wolfman. Experts must leverage all forms of high-end technology from AI to the internet and software platforms to better manage the ag-tech and ag-business niches. The world is looking towards entrepreneurs and visionaries to supply the tools necessary for an augmented delivery and optimal production for crops, livestock, feed, and fertilizers.

Boris Wolfman calls for high technology to aid agriculture

Once a pipedream, innovations, and the latest tech are finding their way into the agriculture field all across the world. Various strategic initiatives focus on developing cold-chain tech to move fresh grains and food items across the world. Now we will look at the areas of agriculture that can benefit from the use of technology.

For better farm management

Industrial farms have started depending on the IoT or the internet of things equipment. These are software supported devices, which allows for the determination of processes for efficiently managing crops and livestock production. Drone devices can keep track of farms and animals as well as the inventory. It allows for the quick identification of problem areas, thereby shortening the downtime. It is a highly cost-effective measure that can save farmers and workers from literally wasting hundreds of dollars and staff-hours.  

Software and applications for connectivity

The world of software applications is vast, and there is an app for almost every aspect of life. There are apps in the market and the pipeline to monitor and track farm status through handheld devices and mobile phones. It allows for the farm’s remote monitoring, thereby reducing the working hours and increasing the ease of access. Apps can also aid in record-keeping in-case of produce and livestock breeding. You can feed in data about the inventory to keep a better track of things as well.  You can calculate precise timings for the harvesting through climate trackers for precision agriculture. 

Now, let us have a look at the latest trends in technology for the agri-industry.

Farm to table

This innovation has a plethora of advantages on offer. It allows for the precise tracking of the agricultural produce and the products that can be leveraged by several entrepreneurs in a farming area. You can track aspects like bacterial contamination right down to the batch of the food packages.

This allows for precise recall of the products, thereby saving your money and time. Keep in mind that the utilization of such a process also makes sure that your public safety standards are maintained. It will work wonders for the brand image and reputation building as well. This sort of high-level tracking contributes positively to several aspects of agriculture, like production, procurement, logistics of movement.

Seed to sale solutions

There are several public safety legislation and rules that companies have to abide by. When you are looking to comply with the letter of the law and the local agricultural permits, you need a one-stop-solution like the seed-to-sale applications that allow for tracking all the permissions. You can even gain insights and solutions for increasing the yield and the returns on your investments.

Genetic engineering

Technology is also playing a pivotal role in developing genetically engineered plants and crops that are disease and climate-resilient. It means producers can produce bountiful yields with minimum investments, thereby maximizing the resources.

Use of blockchain systems

Blockchain technology is extremely crucial for public health preservation and evaluation of the supply chains for ensuring quality. It is exceptionally vital for the customer, and therefore systems are in place for the regular and extensive monitoring of product quality before selling.

Predictive analysis

Predictive analysis is crucial as the processes are getting smarter than ever before. With a combination of artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, it is now possible to analyze and gauge the demand and supply gap. Farmers can now plan each season better to avoid wastage of capital and vital resources.

Farm management software

Internet and other internet-based processes like IoTs allow the tracking of minute factors, which aids the farm management. IoT also enables the infinite supply of data that farmers can use for maximizing the output from the farms and the products.

Entrepreneurial challenges for the future

There are challenges for the future, according to Mr. Wolfman. Remote management of farms means there is a need for a stable internet connection for constant monitoring. It is vital to keep in mind that due to the imbalance in the economy, a continuous supply of the internet is challenging. Therefore, a demand exists for farmers to overcome this challenge for a sustainable business model. So, the challenge is the development of the infrastructure to utilize technological processes.

Capital is the second biggest concern that prevents industrial farmers from opting for the latest technology and innovations. It is the main reason why several farmers are still opting for traditional farming and production methods. The low acceptance rate of technology is also a sign of lower awareness. Therefore, to leverage the technological innovations’ full potential, it is essential to develop higher acceptance within the agri-industry workforce.

According to experts, once the processes are implemented adequately across every farming and production unit, production efficiency can be increased manifold. There is a high-demand for consumers in this field; it is incredibly vital to utilize the latest innovations for the decisions, processes, delivery, and sale. It is essential to understand that human society builds built around food production and sources; therefore, we must ensure all steps to aid production with the latest technological tools.

Boris Wolfman

Boris Wolfman

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