What Is a Tree Assessment? Importance of Assessing Your Tree?

We cannot survive without trees for even a single second. Trees take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store a large amount of carbon in their tissues. They provide oxygen to the living organisms on the earth to breathe. Trees provide shelter and shade, wood for heating and cooking, foods in the form of fruits and vegetables, timber for construction, etc., and make our life easy. They also provide habitat to animals and plants. They make the climate moderate and reduce erosion.

Trees add beauty to our nature free of cost. They live for many years, but these days, increasing demand for land availability leads to cutting the trees. This is also disturbing the ecological balance in the environment. 

Trees clean the air and absorb all the pollutants from it. They cool the streets when it’s hot, up to 10 degrees F. 

Tree assessment 

Tree assessment is necessary to save the trees from being rotten or decaying. Like other things, trees also need regular maintenance. As the weather changes, it becomes necessary to inspect the trees. 

While inspecting, we should check the structure and the potential for failure of the trees. Also, check consequences and recommendations for proper measures to prevent failure. 

Damaged trees have a risk of falling and can risk the lives of the people and their properties. So it is crucial to assess the trees from time to time to save the environment from unwanted accidents.

Simply find best tree health assessment services can decrease the headache and worries to happen further from falling off the trees.

The skilled professional can assess to ensure that the trees are healthy. This will help you find the signs of any diseases or insect infestation that can be solved by giving special treatment.

Importance of tree assessment

It happens that trees can develop problems over time. It is necessary to assess them from time to time at least twice a year to ensure good health. Maybe the property trees are more reliable and sustainable to themselves, but the truth is that anything can happen with time.

Ways to do tree assessment

Tree assessment is a systematic approach to examine every part of the tree. We should pay attention to the commercial property gems like oak trees which are values that take a very long time to grow. We should take care of the trees that are about to blossom soon. If any part of such a tree is decaying, it can harm its growth.

We can make plans to make the trees safer, such as diseased or dead branches, by finding the best tree health assessment services.

Review all parts of the trees like a canopy, branches, and root zone to check the failure signs. This includes

  • Poor or thinning canopy health
  • Diseased, dead, or broken branches
  • Decayed roots
  • Unstable or weak branches 
  • Cracks in stems
  • Fungus growth
  • Cracks or heaving  of  soil

Trees in inactive areas should be inspected annually or twice a year to see the defects and chances of failure. After storms, inspection becomes necessary to ensure that the storm does not weaken the tree’s strength and parts. Prepare a database of the trees to monitor and inspect to make the evaluations more accurate. A critical strategy can be made for risk management of the tree assessment.

Importance of tree assessment


A tree that is about to fall or any large branch is falling can be very hazardous to the homes or properties around that tree. Best tree health assessment services can solve the issues about to happen in the future. Professional identifies the problems by inspecting the tree and its branches which are at risk of coming down. In this way, huge damages to properties or personal harm to people can be resolved or even reduced to some extent.

Tree health

Trees add beauty to your landscape and play a major role in every living being’s life. So we should do every possible thing to keep the tree healthy and thriving. Sometimes we miss the disease or infestations of insects. Find the best tree health assessment services

 if you are not fully sure what to do.

Hire a professional for assessment to ensure the good health of the tree. Take specialized treatments that can save the tree’s life and save the environment.

Tree aesthetics 

Tree assessment is a valuable tool in helping the trees improve their appearance. It keeps the tree healthy. We should construct proper pruning, fertilizers, and trimming, which must be done to improve the appearance and health of the tree. This will help to make the tree healthy and make it grow stronger.

Inspect regularly 

Inspections should be conducted after every weather event. Trees should be inspected minimum after every five years, or the owner can decide according to the chances of risk. The help of a qualified arborist should be taken to assess the tree’s health.  

Maintain records

All the records should be maintained of all the inspections for future references. These records can help in several ways. These records give a clear picture of the health and structure over the years. These evaluations help minimize the chances of failure, and claims can be filed against the tree owners.

Reduces tree liabilities

Trees have risks associated with them, so regular inspection is required. The owner or the manager should always evaluate the amount of risk they are assuming. Find the best tree health assessment services as it is the most important part of this program to determine the structure and the various reasons for the tree’s failure. This assessment shows that the tree owner is actively managing their trees and reducing the risk of failure.


Regular tree assessment can save the tree owner from various legalities if some mishappening occurs due to the trees owned by them. The various records made during the assessment are proof in the owner’s hand.

The owner can also use the tree assessment form, which the experts design for assessment purposes to maintain a moderate record for all the trees they have. So, it has become very important to assess the trees. To save the environment as well as the owner from future problems. 

Author bio:

Eric Kohler, marketing manager and strategist at Tree Doctor, focused on marketing, communications, events, and awareness of tree and plant health care needs. Whether you have a lawn, yard, or landscaping business, you need to take care of the unique needs of tree and plant species so that they remain healthy, vibrant, robust, and have constant growth.

Most people are unaware of the tree stressors and how to get rid of them. So, to throw light on potential tree dangers, treatment to control, and boost tree health to stand strong during unwanted weather conditions as well as attacks of diseases, insects, and pests, he passionately writes on tree healthcare, preservation, nutritive care, and treatment. Keep reading his recent articles to be familiar with tree and plant health problems, assessment, treatment, prevention, how to enhance tree and plant longevity, stabilize matured and sick trees in San Diego.

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