Tips for Regulating Fish Tank Water Temperature

Temperature control is essential for aquarium fish to keep them comfortable and healthy. While most fish can handle minor changes in water temperature, the same does not go for substantial fluctuations which could result in:

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  • Plant decay or algae growth that can influence the chemical balance in the aquarium.
  • Excessive bacteria growth that could result in fish getting sick or dying.
  • Influencing the fish metabolism, which influences their feeding requirements.
  • Fluctuations in the breeding readiness of various fish.

With so many factors necessary for maintaining the proper water temperature, it is crucial to regulate the temperature and keep it stable. To accomplish this, we recommend the following:

Using A Thermometer

A stick-on thermometer that is attached to the side of the aquarium is a straightforward method of apprising the water temperature. You can check the water temperature each time regularly to ensure there are no unusual fluctuations. Submersible thermometers can also be obtained;however, they are pricier. No matter which one you select, make sure it is positioned for easy access to view temperature readings.

Investing In A Good Heater

A quality heater with a built-in thermostat will automatically kick in once the water temperature changes. These thermostats are set for a singular temperature which is more or less in the mid-range, however you can adjust it to a specific range. You can view here to assess what size aquarium heater you need. Place the heater in the middle of the aquarium for optimal results and keeping the temperature at a stable level.

Keeping Your Water Level Perpetual

Water naturally evaporates from the tank, even if it is enclosed. Since the water level goes down, it will impact the water temperature. If a substantial volume of water needs to be added to the aquarium at once, it could also affect the water temperature. Therefore, it is best to keep the water level stable by adding water constantly to avoid it dropping too much.

Consider Adding A Chiller

If your home tends to get hot, it might be worthwhile adding a chiller to the tank. It has the same purpose than a heater except it makes the water cooler when needed to keep the water temperature at the required level. Just like a heater, the right size chiller is needed for an aquarium.

Place The Aquarium Thoughtfully

Many newbie fish-keepers often do not realize that the tank’s temperature can be influenced by the location of the tank. Tanks that are too close to a sunny window or heating vent can warm up too dramatically within a short space of time. The same goes for drafty areas, near an open window or a fan. When a tank is subjected to such fluctuations, the thermostat might be able to withstand it and will not work as it should.

Keep Updated With Product Warranties

Always check the warranties on your aquarium temperature products. Products that malfunction due to product failure or poor manufacturing can result in fatalities and will not keep your water temperature constant. Be sure to have an understanding of whether you can claim in the event of any losses.


It may seem like a significant challenge to keep the water temperature in your aquarium at the right level. However, by taking the necessary steps and utilizing the right equipment, it is not difficult at all.

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