What To Consider Before Booklet Printing?

Gone are the days when you had to run to a printing press to get some books or papers printed. Now, printing can be made possible digitally with accurate colors and pages as per your liking. To carry out the best booklet printing online, you can easily create colorful brochures, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, etc. To ensure that you get the best booklet printing online, a few things are to be considered. The considerations before getting an online booklet printed are as follows:

booklet printing

1. Pick the correct type of binding

There is a slight difference between books and booklets. The latter is much thinner than the former. Therefore, if your booklet has fewer pages, opt for a saddle stitch that staples the pages till the spine. On the other hand, if more pages are required to be given the booklet format, perfect binding is the most suited option for this. In perfect binding, the spine is accumulated and held tightly, and fixed with adhesive.

2. Leave space for binding

When creating a bound document, do not forget to leave adequate space at the four sides of the pages for binding. Not leaving enough space will lead to the written matter getting inside the binding and making it difficult to read. On the other hand, make sure that the written matter is not too close to the fold.

3. Gather correct information

When planning to get a booklet printed, decide the information you want to put up on the booklet. This will decide how much space is required to be left at the edges for binding. Also, the amount of the matter will decide the number of pages to be required. Once the number of pages is fixed, you can pick a suitable binding for it. Make the most of the best booklet printing online services.

4. Pay attention to the cover page

Whatever be the purpose of the booklet, it ought to have a front or cover page. When creating the front page, make sure that you have the essential message imprinted at the top of the page. If you do not choose to do so, ensure that the slant of the booklet’s cover page matches the matter written inside.

5. Use high-resolution images

Without the presence of relevant images, a booklet looks boring. So to make your booklet interesting, add relevant images to it. Besides, make sure that the images are of proper size and do not get blurred on getting printed.

6. Orientation should match the layout

If the matter and the images of the booklet consist of many landscape images, enhance the image’s width more than its height. On the other hand, if the matter and images of the booklet are more inclined towards the portrait orientation, allow them to be more in length than width. 

7. Pick suitable paperweight for inner pages

If you want to give your booklet a luxurious look, choose heavier papers. However, using too many thick pages may let the booklet spring open. In that case, choose papers ranging between 120 gsm to 150 gsm.


Above all, do not forget to pay attention to the page count as it will decide the type of stitch that will suit your booklet.

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