The perfect tables to count on for your cafeteria business

They say that coffee table conversations are hearty, soulful and timeless! But for that to take place, you need the best coffee table to be in place along with a steaming cup of coffee. Most people think that selecting cafeteria decor items and furniture is an easy job. The truth is that it’s challenging as today you have to get the right furniture that makes your cafeteria look stylish and unique both.

The cafe table is one of the essential furniture pieces that you need to select wisely. Today, you have plenty of choices from the traditional tables to the new age ones. The online world is replete with multiple service providers showcasing their best options. You can browse through Café Solutions Melbourne to learn more about the variety of cafe tables. Also, discussed below are popular table types that are apt for your new age cafe store.

  1. The classic two/four-person table top

A wooden tabletop works best even if it’s a contemporary cafeteria with a quirky theme. This table type gets sold primarily in two elements, namely the base and the top. Wood finishes are one of the best choices for this table top. Other variants include laminate, granite and resin. You have the option of customizing the table top by placing your brand logo. The tables vary from 24 inches to 36 inches. You can get the same in both round and rectangular shapes.

  1. The stylish bar height tables

If your cafeteria gets designed in the form of a coffee or espresso bar, you can opt-in for this design. Inspired by the bar tables that get used in sports bars and pubs, the bar height tables looks funky and classy. The base is generally of 41 inches, but you can customize it as per your requirement and cafeteria space. You have access to both the round and the square table tops. Some bar height cafe tables come with a base comprising of a footrest close to the bottom.  If your target audience is the youth, this is a smart choice you can make.

  1. The outdoor cafe tables

If your cafeteria has a seating arrangement both inside and outside, you can select this table type. The outdoor cafe tables get made of wrought iron, aluminium and wicker which make it durable and weather resistant. But before you customize the same; consider the outdoor space that is available to you. During summer months you might need to attach an umbrella with these tables.  Sometimes, cafeterias make this arrangement temporarily during the winter months.

  1. The booths

If you want to attract the new age audience, opt-in for this in a particular section of your cafeteria. A booth usually gives an intimate feel. You can keep the table tops secured with the wall. You can add bench seats to complete the cafe table and chair arrangement. Most cafeterias today are opting in for this if they have a limited space to play with.

Tabletops play a crucial role in your cafeteria decor! You can opt-in for a uniform look or a combination depending on your cafeteria theme. If you are starting you, select from these affordably priced table types that are available easily.

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