Tracking Your Portfolio while Ensuring Yields Across Your Assets

Portfolio tracking is key for many investors looking to understand their returns. Not only does this concern the price changes of stock, but it also takes into account the dividend pay-outs and compounding (e.g., in the case of total return indices). Preferably, you would like to keep these in a single location to monitor your portfolio.

Traditional portfolio tracking

Traditionally, people leveraged Excel to create spreadsheets with their holdings, combining them from brokers and other sources. There were limitations to this. For example, it is not possible to retrieve the stock prices in real-time. This meant you needed to update these values yourself over some time.

With technology emerging, you can now automatically track your holdings across brokers. This has become possible through the many stock tracker app offerings on the market. Some of these also allow you to track crypto assets as well.

Integration with brokers through APIs

To ensure a safe environment, you can integrate brokers into a stock tracker app by leveraging an API. This is an interface that is created by the broker, allowing you to retrieve information from their systems. This follows a pre-defined template where parameters can be entered. By using a special key, the app can request account information and retrieve it securely in real-time. This is a safe way of exchanging information, as the tracker is unable to alter any information nor is it possible to conduct a transaction from this API request.

Multiple brokers in a single location

If you are using multiple brokers, this application allows you to have a single view of your assets. This is especially helpful if you are using brokers for different markets. For example, some brokers have attractive rates for specific markets whilst others allow you to invest in niche markets (e.g., Africa). Combining these in a single place allows you to keep a holistic overview.

Integrating with crypto assets

When it comes to integrating crypto assets, things become a bit more complicated. If you want to continue to participate in the consensus mechanisms, such as Proof of Stake, you need to keep your holdings in a designated wallet. This can be attractive as you will receive yield based on your stake and the transactions you validate. Next to that, some wallets provide you with interest in the form of APY and APR on the holdings you keep. Luckily, applications such as the Delta crypto tracker accommodate these needs.

What does the Delta crypto tracker do?

The tracker allows you to integrate your holdings leveraging the Public Keys of the wallets you possess. This means that you do not share any confidential information about yourself or your account credentials. The Delta crypto tracker simply sums up your transactions on the blockchain and provides you with the amount you possess in the tracker. This allows you to continue to generate yield through your wallets while keeping a holistic overview of your holdings.

You are also able to analyze your transaction history, which can indicate if the trades you made were good or bad. This can be combined with news and pricing information in the tracker, allowing you to become a better trader.

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