5 Home Electrical Issues to Make You Call A Professional

It pays homeowners to do some things on their own without prior training. Some of the DIY projects you can do include installing a fence, retiling a bathroom, and renovating a room. You can handle these without professional experience and training as long as you have the appropriate tools. However, some tasks are best left for professionals to handle. These include electrical issues for their complexity and risky nature. Below are some home electrical issues to call a professional.

electrical issues

Electrical panel repair

Also known as the breaker box, an electrical panel is the source of all electricity in your home. This is where all the electrical connections in your house are made. The electrical panel is interconnected with circuits for preventing overloads spread across the house. The circuits are prone to overload from the electrical panel causing them to trip. Overload might result from electrical outlets, appliances, and lighting using more energy than the circuits can handle.

 Handling panel work is complicated and very dangerous to fix on your own. Always contact a professional electrician to come and fix the issue. The signs to tell that you need electrical panel repair might include:

  • Flickering lights
  • Old electrical panel
  • After a home addition
  • Burn marks on wiring

Installing new switches

Sockets in a home might wear out over time requiring to get replacements. It might appear easy to install new switches but actually more complex without experience and training. There is a need to check for hot wires before beginning to work. You might end up getting electrocuted if you don’t know what to do. You should call a professional who handles lighting repair near me  to come and fix the issue. These have the experience and appropriate tools to fix new switches to ensure that your light fixtures work efficiently. 

Replacing aluminum wiring

Electrical systems used single-strand aluminum wiring from 1965 to 1973 to avoid the skyrocketing price of copper. Aluminum wires were cost-effective for electricians and builders. Unfortunately, single-strand aluminum wires were prone to dangers including the famous 1974 house fire. This exposed the dangers associated with single-strand wires. The Consumer Product Safety Commission discovered that homes with aluminum wires were 55 times more prone to fires than homes with copper wires.

Aluminum becomes defective faster making it a dangerous metal for use in electrical wiring. Wires with aluminum might heat or become loose to cause fires. If you live in an old home with aluminum wiring , it is a bad idea to think that you can replace them with copper wires on your own. Call a professional electrician to handle the task without risk of electrocution or fire hazards.

Handling power cables

When you need to have cables installed or adjusted, the task requires professional inspection and testing by a licensed electrician. Attempting to handle such work on your own is very dangerous. Professional electrical installation and installation is very important to ensure that the work is done to meet safety standards. Afterward, you will be issued a Certificate of Compliance when your electrical installations meet safety requirements.

Installing a junction box

The exterior of an approved enclosure is not permitted to have wire splices. This requirement is by the National Electrical Code. A junction box is attached on the house frame. This houses the splice of circuit cables and wires. The junction box should have a removable cover for easy and quick access. Handling this might seem like a DIY job but actually not. It requires having appropriate tools only owned by professional and certified electricians. Professionals have the experience and expertise to test voltage and wires to handle the project appropriately without any safety concerns.

Why call a professional electrician

It is very important to always call a professional to handle all electrical issues in your home. These tasks might seem simple but come with a risk of turning your home into a repair nightmare. Without appropriate repairs, you risk putting your home and family at risk. Any mishap might cause a fire or electrocution with possible loss of life.

Apart from being extremely dangerous, home electrical issues might become extremely costly when not handled in the most appropriate manner. Applying DIY methods is a waste of time, effort, and money. You will eventually end up calling a professional electrician to handle the issues at a higher cost. Calling a professional in the first place will allow fixing issues early at a lower cost.


Electrical safety is very important for homeowners. Any issue carries a risk of putting your family at risk of a fire. Always call a professional electrician to fix all issues immediately. This is safer and cost-effective compared to trying DIY methods that might escalate the issues. The right professional comes with experience, expertise, and appropriate equipment to handle issues with your electrical installation.

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