Discover Why to Always Call A Plumber For Drain Cleaning

The most common plumbing problem in most households is clogged drains. Keep in mind that drain cleaning is not as simple as it seems. Therefore, it is very important to avoid applying DIY methods for a quick fix. Drains are a bit complicated and are better handled by a professional plumber. Trying to clean the drains on your own might just cause more issues that might become costly to fix. Read on to understand the biggest DIY mistakes during drain clean and why calling a professional plumber pays.


Common DIY mistakes during drain cleaning

Regardless of whether you are facing dripping exterior faucets or clogged drains, DIY methods don’t work. You are likely to end up escalating the problem and eventually calling a plumber. Calling a plumber right away after noticing the problem is strongly recommended to avoid problems like these below.

Using chemical drain cleaners

Various drain cleaners are available in grocery stores making them convenient to most people to use them to clean their drains. These chemicals promise to unclog drains fast and being highly efficient in disintegrating any buildup inside the pipes. The drain cleaners have questionable ingredients including bleach, lye, and aluminum. Therefore, using these cleaners is likely to destroy the pipes and minor clogs.

For a major clog, an initial wash with drain cleaners can’t get them out. You are more likely to use more chemicals to get the job done. With time, you are likely to need brand new plumbing. Fortunately, professional Folsom plumbing ensures use of appropriate cleaning methods and cleaners that won’t damage your pipes. This will ensure that your drains remain clean and cleaner for long.

Shoving objects down the drains

Some people attempt DIY methods to clean including using drain snakes. This tool is useful in clearing minor clogs. However, using makeshift snake out objects such as a long stick or straightened clothes hanger is dangerous for your drains. Professional drain snakes are useful for a design that can potentially break down clogs. DIY methods using makeshift snakes just push the drain deeper to escalate the problem.

Why call a professional plumber drain problems?

Possession of skills

Just like other professions, plumbers undergo specialized training. This equips them with appropriate knowledge and skills to handle any issues that might affect plumbing systems. When you attempt to fix a drain clog with DIY skills, you are likely to cause more damage. This is because you obviously lack the necessary skills to fix the issue. Only a plumber will know what to do to clean clogs in your drainpipes to ensure that your plumbing system is working efficiently.

Industry experience

Apart from the possession of appropriate skills, plumbers have the right experience to handle plumbing problems. When you have a plumbing issue and call a plumber, the chances are high that they have already handled issues like the one you are facing. This offers peace of mind that the plumber will fix your issue to keep your plumbing system running well.

Appropriate tools

Cleaning drains requires specialized tools including video surveillance for inspecting inside pipes. This allows detecting the location of issues without having to dig up the whole drain system. With this, professional plumbers can fix the clogs regardless of size without causing damage to your pipes. Whenever you call a plumber Folsom plumber and you tell them your issue, it will ensure that the plumber comes with appropriate tools to fix the problem.

Detecting other issues

Sometimes, clogged drains are a sign of a bigger problem. Fortunately, a professional plumber can discover whether the issue is just a regular clog or an indicator of a more serious problem like a damaged or backed up sewer line. Only a professional plumber can resolve such a plumbing emergency that might end up becoming an extreme health hazard. Detecting issues early allows the plumber to fix them before they escalate to become costly.

Experts offer a service guarantee

When you call a professional plumber for drain cleaning, you can rest assured that they have the skills, equipment, and experience to do a great job. The best thing is that certified plumbers offer a guarantee for their services. If anything goes wrong regarding their repair work, you can always call the plumber to come back and fix the issue at no additional cost. You can’t get this handy service when you opt for DIY methods to fix your plumbing issues.

Bottom line

When you discover that your drains are clogged, it is important to call a professional Folsom plumber to come and fix the issue. Professional plumbers have the appropriate skills, experience, and equipment to meet drain cleaning and plumbing efficiency needs. This will ensure that your plumbing system flows smoothly with less risk of a health hazard.

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