7 Common Door Lock Problems A Mobile Locksmith Can Handle

Homeowners have a priority to keep loved ones and valuables safe and secure. This comes with paying keen attention to your door locks before something goes wrong. Lockouts are possible and might happen when you least expect. Avoiding these and other lock issues that might lead to costly repairs requires knowing a mobile locksmith. This will save you from inconveniences and costly lock replacements down the road.

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Most common door lock problems to know

Slow or stiffened door locks

These might occur resulting from the accumulation of dirt and grime in the locks. Do you notice your lock handle responding slowly? Perhaps you face difficulty inserting the key into your lock. The solution is to clean the lock by removing dirt and grime. This might require using cotton swam to clean out the lock. The lock might lack appropriate lubrication. Use silicon or graphite spray in the lock but not grease or oil to avoid clogging in the cold season.

Key turns but not locking

Perhaps your key is turning but not locking. This might result from tiny worn or fallen parts causing the key to turn but not pushing the lock knobs. Only a professional and experienced locksmith can fix this mechanical problem. The locksmith understands how door mechanisms work. Alternatively, your key might refuse to turn when inserted in the lock when it lacks appropriate lubrication. This can be alleviated by spraying with graphite.

Misaligned latches

When your door latches fail to catch the strike plate, the door won’t shut or lock properly. This issue is likely to escalate periodically and is caused by poorly installed hinges, heat, or damp weather. Fixing this requires identifying the misalignment and using the appropriate tools for adjusting the strike plates and tightening all hinges on the door. Consider calling a mobile locksmith in Oklahoma City to come to your location and fix the issue. A professional locksmith will have the right tools and expertise to handle the task.

Stuck or broken key inside the lock

Your key might get stuck in the lock because of a misaligned door latch. Alternatively, it might also result from some lock components lacking appropriate lubrication. Forcing a stuck key to turn might make it break inside the lock. This is understandable since you might be in a hurry to catch up with an urgent appointment. However, it is not a good idea to use force on a stuck key. Call an emergency locksmith who will arrive in a short while to remove the stuck key without causing any damage to the key or lock.

Key can’t go into the lock

Several factors might make you’re your key fail to get into the lock. Perhaps it is not the right key. This might seem straightforward but it might be the simplest solution. You need to organize your keys well to lessen chances of this happening. This will ensure that you always have the right key to avoid panic. When using a newly-cut key, there is a chance that it was poorly cut. This results from not going to the best Oklahoma City locksmith with experience and expertise. In this case, you will have to call a trusted locksmith to cut a new key that will work seamlessly in your lock.

Faulty door mechanism

Most of the door lock problems are mechanical resulting from faults resulting from wear and tear over time. Old locks might become problematic from excessive use and the lock might become defective from non-maintenance. Handling mechanical door lock problems is best managed by a professional locksmith. This avoids escalating the issue and causing lock damage resulting from using poor DIY methods.

Damaged lock cylinder

After placing the key in the lock and turning, it should spin easily to lock or unlock the door. Perhaps the whole lock cylinder is turning. This is a red flag that your lock has a significant problem. Turning of the cylinder with the key prevents the locking mechanism from working properly. This might lead to a lockout or not locking your property securely leaving it at the mercy of ruthless burglars.

A damaged or loose setscrew might make the cylinder to spin with the key. The solution is to call a professional locksmith to tighten or replace the screw. This is a complex process requiring the locksmith to work on the setscrew to keep the cylinder in position. Some locks might require removing the faceplate or disassembling the whole mechanism to access the setscrews.

Bottom line

Lock problems are very inconveniencing and can happen at any time. Managing these requires knowing a reputable mobile locksmith to come and fix any issues with your lock any time any day. Their services will ensure that your locks are in good shape to avoid lockouts and to keep your household and valuables safe all the time.

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