7 Proven Post Burglary Emergency Measures

According to City-data.com, burglaries in Nowata made up 33.7 percent of all total crimes committed in 2017. Apart from having material detriments, burglaries disturb a homeowner’s peace of mind after home security has been violated. After a burglary, you have to take appropriate action to restore the safety of your home. This will ensure that your home isn’t attacked again. Luckily, this article has proven to post-burglary emergency measures you should consider.


Hide when inside the house

If you notice that burglars have accessed your home, the best thing to do is to hide in a safe place. It is not a great idea to let the criminals realize that there’s someone in the house. It might lead to a violent confrontation and you might not know how many burglars have attacked your home. If possible, sneak out of the house and go as far as possible. Trying to scare them isn’t a great idea since they might have carried dangerous weapons to defend themselves. If you manage to get out of the house, then you can call the police.

Reach out to police

Call the police and let them that your home has been burglarized. After the thieves have gone, avoid touching anything or fiddling with the locks to determine how the burglars managed to break into your home. Leave everything intact for the police to come and handle everything. If you managed to sneak out of the house, you can call the police as soon as possible when the burglars are still inside. This might give police a chance to nab the thieves in action. Alternatively, calling the police allows collecting evidence that might help track the thieves or pin them in court for the crime.

Get a security audit of your home

The next thing to do is to call a professional locksmith in Nowata  for a security audit in your home. This will require assessing the security in your home. It will help to see loopholes the burglars might have used. The locksmith will evaluate and give a report with recommendations to ensure the incident doesn’t happen again. Some of the recommendations to enhance your home security might include:

  • Residential alarm system
  • Motion detection lights
  • Lock rekeying or replacement
  • Installing high-security locks
  • Investing in surveillance cameras

Check for stolen items

After a burglary, you have to check your property for items stolen or tampered with. You can do this with the police to assist in determining the motive of the home invaders. It will also help you know the items you have to replace. The locksmith can suggest purchasing a safe where to keep some of your most precious items for safety.

Contact the insurance provider

Does your home insurance cover burglaries? You have to call them and give full details of your misfortune. Perhaps the police can help to corroborate with a report after evaluating the scene. This will make it easier for the insurance provider to understand your predicament and give you the necessary compensation to cover your loss.

Get someone to watch your house

Perhaps you are always away from home. Burglars usually take this chance to strike unoccupied homes . To lessen chances of the incident happening again, consider getting someone to watch your home when away. Perhaps you can call a relative or friend. Alternatively, you can tell your loved one to move in with you. This will ensure that someone is always home in your absence and burglars are less likely to attack homes with occupants around.

Make your home smart

Finally, you should also consider making your home smart to inhibit burglars () from attacking it again. If you’re always away from home, invest in smart blinds that open and close to give an impression of someone being at home. Additionally, have a CCTV system integrated with your smartphone to monitor whatever is happening in your home even when away on a trip.


Home security is an important consideration for homeowners. Apart from loss of property, a burglary is likely to make you fear home. Incorporating ideas including calling a locksmith for a security audit will give you peace of mind while living in your home. The locksmith can recommend strategies like upgrading your locks and lock rekeying to limit chances of another burglary.

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