How Apps Streamline Business Processes


In 2020 every business needs to be critically assessing their strategies around streamlining their expenses while maximizing output. Not only is nearly every industry impacted in the current global climate, every dollar is being reconsidered even down to commercial rent and business materials. It’s safe to say that 2020 will go down in history as a year that changed the way every business is run whether it’s an airline, a family owned operation or a tech start-up.

One of the first steps you can make is to look where your business has issues, take stock and review your strategic planning accordingly. In terms of focusing on where you can improve your value offering, a genuinely simple way is to review how your employees’ hours are used and where they can be more dedicated to qualitative rather than quantitative tasks. In the current economy and with the tech available, this is where you have scope to up the standard of apps you use to make sure you’re supporting staff productivity and freeing up their valuable working time wherever possible for priority tasks. Put more simply, the recent statistic that, “57% of employers say that the main outcome of automation is the augmentation of worker performance and productivity.” When you begin introducing apps that target these problem areas, you can really begin to see a return on investment across your business. Furthermore, a Willis Towers Watson study published in January 2020 projects that within the next three years 92% of professional structures will use task automation worldwide.

This infographic, ‘How Apps Streamline Business Processes’, ERS IT Solutions is designed to help you get started with utilizing tech to achieve your operational goals in the short and long-term. Using this graphic, you’ll have a higher-level understanding of how apps will enhance your business, streamline your operations, enable you to revise and improve troublesome processes, and create value for internal and external stakeholders. It’s not too late to integrate solutions like this type of app to keep growing and steer your business forward. As Justin Borradaile says, “Automation is an aid that can reduce personnel time spent on processes, such as data transcription and maintenance reporting, and it ultimately frees time for employees to focus on what matters in the here and now for both their team and business.”

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