7 Ways to Earn Money during Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting millions of people and their ability to earn. Numerous households are battling serious financial problems as the whole world is in lockdown, and the economy worldwide is deteriorating every day.

ways to earn money

All hotels, malls, cinema halls, and restaurants, so on have closed their doors. Sure, some restaurants are open to home-delivery or takeaway orders, it is still affecting their businesses. The livelihoods of people who work and earn on a day to day basis are the ones affected by it the most.

They are getting laid-off or are not getting payments as the business is in the financial crux. All this is adding to the anxiety. With job uncertainty mounting, a lot of people are looking at other options to earn money.

Local businesses are running home delivery, likewise, Uber and others can services apps are coming up with innovative ways to earn money. For instance, they are running a delivery system of packages or essential items from one place to another. It not only keeps them in business but also helps people stay home and safe.

If your company had to let you go or if your local business or firm is not operational for work right now, you must be scared. It is natural, and that is why we will be looking at options that can help you earn money from home.

These tips are from financial bloggers and other experts and might help a lot of people stay afloat.

1. Sell things

We have a lot of unwanted things in our closet. Well, this is the perfect time to do a deep analysis of everything that you own, and get rid of things that you don’t require. Not using that desk anymore? Sell it and the cash from it can help you financially.

Sell your electronic items on eBay or so on. Some apps can help you with this. Of course, you will have to disinfectant everything, and ensure that you don’t touch the person while delivering the item.

2. Become an online tutor

If you are good at teaching, tutoring online can help you pay the bills. Every school in the nation and world is shut forcing kids to either take virtual classes or no classes at all.

It can be a problem as parents who are working from home, cannot find enough time to tutor their kids.

This is where you come in. If you have a degree and are good at languages or an expert in some other subject, you can become a teacher online. There are lots of sites that can help you with like tutor.com.

You will have to take certain tests to ensure you fit the bills to teach professionally. Also, as an adult, you can teach online to your society kids an end number of things.

3. Get a job at essential services

The pandemic may have shut down big enterprises and companies, but grocery stores and pharmacies are still operational. A lot of these places are looking for job applicants.

If you want to pay rent and avoid debt, getting a part or full-time job as an essential worker is not bad.

It can be scary, but with proper precautions and following the guidelines, you can be safe and working.

4. Become a freelancer

You can work as a freelancer for tons of companies. A lot of companies are looking for a virtual assistant like Amazon to deal with their customer services. You can do a quick search online to find freelancing VA jobs.

Also, you can get a freelance writing job as an editor or proof-reader on Upwork or freelancer.com.

5. Publish a book on Amazon

Amazon, which is the leading online selling platform is offering eBook publishing through its platform. A lot of people who are in lockdown are looking for diverse content to consume.

Book sales through kindle are increasing. So, if you love writing, try your hands at writing a book. Create a cover, and put them all together and sell it on Amazon as an eBook or as an Audio-book.

6. Get paid through surveys

A lot of companies or government firms are offering people money to do online surveys and answer questions. If will require a few hours of your time, and the money is not that great. But it is something that can help you stay afloat during this pandemic.

7. Create a YouTube channel

It will take time to start making money, but if you have time, creating a YouTube channel is great. Start recording with your camera or smartphone. Make sure that whatever you put out there is relevant, informative, or entertaining. If you put decent hours and hard-work in it, you will be able to earn good money from it.

We are all in this together. Even having a job doesn’t mean financial stability or job security in times of a pandemic. But people who are struggling to make ends meets, this list of ideas is great for them.

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