Yes, by using a mobile phone recycling website who will buy your phone from you and send you money in a matter of days. They will accept any type of mobile phone new and old. Even unworking mobile phones that are broken can still be recycled for cash!

How many mobile phones do you have? They say there are on average about 3 unused mobile phones in every home. And each phone could be worth anywhere from 20 to 50 pounds or dollars depending on the country you are in. These phones are worth money to the mobile phone recycling companies because they can either resell them for profit or recycle them and use the parts and precious metals inside in the making of brand new phones or refurbished phones.

With the demand for mobile phones comes great opportunity for anyone to make a little money by recycling them online. Anyone who has an old or unused mobile phone can safely sell it online to a mobile phone recycling site.

Mobile phone recycling sites are companies that work with environmental organisations to help cut carbon footprints and co2 emissions as well as help delicate ecological systems where the minerals and metals needed to make mobile phones circuit boards and other electrical components are needed. So it is a good thing as they can keep costs and waste down and produce better greener phones and the mobile phone owners can benefit from it at the same time.

They have gave some big statistics for how many mobile phones are thrown away every year. The results are astounding. We are literally throwing away gold. That is one of the reasons why the price of it is so high at the moment.

Get paid to recycle. What a concept! You can get paid to recycle. By recycling mobile phones you are making money and also helping the environment at the same time!

Sell Your Mobile lists and reviews mobile phone recycling sites so people can make an informed decision on which one is best for them. See how much you can get for your old or unused mobile phone.

Safely sell and recycle mobile phones online for cash.

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