How to avoid the worst online meeting pitfalls

If you had to tally how much your work life has moved to video and phone meetings in the last year? For those of us who are able to work at home, it’s probably close to 100 percent. And if you’re feeling the fatigue of the Zoom life, you’re not alone. It can be technical issues that cause the meetings to work less well. And it might just be difficult to engage with co-workers when you are constantly over video. Many people don’t like the format either: They’d rather be in a conference room or next to a cube in which they can share input or opinions.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can combat this fatigue and make your video meetings more productive. For starters, if your company allows it, you don’t have to use the same formats all the time. What else can they do? This graphic helps to explain it.

online meetings

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