How to get the most out of your first job

After sending countless resumes, landing a few interviews, and finally getting an offer you have a lot to celebrate. Landing your first job is a great accomplishment. That doesn’t mean that your work is over, however. In fact, now that you’re in your first job, the work is just beginning. That’s because how you leverage your time at your first position can affect your career success for the rest of your life. 

For example, though most people don’t negotiate their first salary, its important to become comfortable discussing your pay early on. Those who negotiate their salary make on average $500k to $1 million more over their lifetime. That’s because your starting salary affects every raise and bonus you get afterwards. Plus it’s important to become adept at asking for what you need and deserve in a position in order to be successful. 

So despite being a junior employee at your new position, you shouldn’t be afraid to communicate your needs, set high goals, and excel quickly in your position. It’s important for your finances and professional development to always know where you’re headed and hit the ground running for the very first day on the job. For tips and strategies on making the most of your time, check out this visual by Turbo

your first job

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