Tips to Negotiate a Higher Salary

When you’re in the position to accept a new job or a promotion, salary negotiation is the next smart step. However, people have a tendency to shy away from the awkwardness of negotiation conversations. Negotiating your salary doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable or negative experience if you prepare properly. Like any other skill, perfecting the process of salary negotiation takes time and practice.

Even though employers expect their job candidates to negotiate, people still tiptoe around the issue of asking for a higher salary. Why does more than half of the workforce still opt out of the negotiation process? Ultimately, the only person you’re hurting by not trying to negotiate is yourself. You’ll increase your earning potential by thousands of dollars during your lifetime if you learn how to successfully negotiate (especially towards the beginning of your career.)

It’s 2020, and there’s never been a better time to assert your worth in the workforce. Shift your mindset and remember why you need to advocate for yourself. Your family, friends, and community benefit when you’re earning the salary you deserve. Plus, you’re likely to be more engaged and productive at work when you know you’re not being underpaid. For tips on how to enter your next salary negotiation with confidence, check out this visual from LiveCareer:

higher salary

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