How to Motivate Yourself to Work When Depressed?

Depression is one of the most common mental disorders, and the working class of both genders is known to be more prone to this mental disorder. Its symptoms can be mild and severe and vary from person to person. Depression can be acute, or a one-time episode was seen in individuals who faced trauma or loss of a closed one in their life, or it can be chronic and can prolong to months and years.

Motivate Yourself

If we talk about the symptoms of depression, loss of interest in favorite activities, sleep disturbances, irritability, restlessness, the problem in staying concentrated, loss of appetite, and weight loss are some of the common symptoms seen in most of the people who are depressed.

Some people even get suicidal due to their severe and prolonged depression. If you are someone who gets suicidal you should immediately seek medical help. And if you think that getting closer to your religion will make things easier for you, you must join online religious courses. Being a Muslim, you can join Online Quran Academy to listen to Quran and religious debates.

When one is depressed, one cannot concentrate on work, and it becomes more exhausting and tough to reach the target goals or complete the work assigned to you. Here are some strategies that will help you boost your mood and will motivate you to work even when depressed:

Accept it and Don’t Push it Away:

It might seem counterintuitive, but you should never overlook your feelings about certain things. Pushing away feelings can be quite exhausting and if they are negative feelings you are going to put a lot more effort to push away those unwanted feelings. And if you try to escape your feelings, you’d end up feeling ashamed and guilty about yourself. This is why you need to put a lot more focus on your mental and emotional health.

Firstly, you need to be aware of your feelings, interpret if they are negative feelings or positive ones, and then move forward towards the efforts that you would require to deal with them. If you need to cry- let it out in tears if crying is a good option don’t suppress your feelings by not crying it out.

Acceptance is one of the best and basic steps towards productive mental health. You will definitely get rid of your depression but living in the present and accepting what you are and what you feel.

One Task at a Time:

Many of us are multi-talented and can do multiple jobs at a time, but don’t forget that your brain needs rest too. Focusing on one task is one positive approach that will change your life for the better. And while focusing on that one task, divide it into smaller and easier steps.

Focus on the task at the hand; it will help lessen your workload. You might have a lot to do in the office but focus on the task that you are currently doing and when you have completed it then move towards the next. Thinking about the work you have to do in the future will only bring your exhaustion and worry and nothing else.

Be realistic about your skills and expertise, don’t take part in things that are way higher than your domain, and at the same time, don’t compare yourself with others. If someone else is completing work in an hour does not mean you are bound to do the same thing at the same time.

Feel positive about yourself and your energies, don’t judge yourself. Don’t underestimate yourself, and don’t insult yourself just because you cannot do something that others can do. You are way stronger than you think you are!

Set Small Goals and Reward Yourself:

Depression is something that can drain all of your motivation and that is the time when you need a new enticement to continue your work. Start with setting smaller goals, and on their achievement don’t forget to reward yourself for the hard work.

Rewards can be simple things that make you feel happy and relaxed. You can cook yourself your favorite meal, or take out time from your tough schedule for self-grooming, or take yourself to watch a good movie, etc. there are many ways to reward yourself, select that suits you best.

After you have rewarded yourself, you will feel energetic and fresh, and that is a good time to increase the difficulty or level of your work.

Don’t Feed the Beast:

Feeling bad about something won’t make it right, and you need to believe in it more. Depression is a mental disorder that feeds and grows from negative energies and emotions like self-doubt, self-pity, fears, and negative thoughts about yourself. Don’t feed the beast basically means that stop feeding your brain with negative energies and thinking over things that are not even true.

Yes, it is impossible to eradicate these thoughts out of your mind because they stay in your mind for free, and it takes time to make yourself strong enough to overcome such negative thoughts and beliefs. The best way to get out of depression and motivating yourself to work is to do things that you think that you cannot do.

Reading positive things and listen to motivational speakers or some good speakers who discuss things that you like. Always stay positive, think positively, and act positively. One positive thought can eradicate hundreds of negative thoughts.

Tell yourself that you are strong and that you can do anything in the world. Keep motivating yourself and keep surrounding yourself with positive energies.

Action before Motivation:

We all have a psyche that we need to think about things before actually doing them. And this is so wrong, we need to get ourselves out from this stereotyping. You can do what you need to do there is no use in thinking it before doing it or getting yourself all hyped up to do it.

Make a list of things that you need to do and that you don’t need to do, and come on start doing them already!

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