What Businesses Need Confined Space Training

Depending on the type of job somebody has, they are bound to have special trainings that have been specifically created and conducted for his type of work. Confined space training is exactly what it sounds like. It is conducted for people who will find themselves in confined spaces while doing their job. It can sometimes be extremely dangerous for an individual to be stuck alone in a closed and claustrophobic space, so it’s important for him to have proper training so he could deal with those kinds of situation that might arise at work. Because of that, here are four businesses that need confined space training.

Mining Business

If we’re talking about most dangerous professions out there where people are exposed to large amounts of risk constantly, we’re bound to mention mining. It has been proven time and time again that mining is extremely dangerous and requires all sorts of emergency and safety trainings. Some of these trainings also include the aforementioned confined space trainings, which might be considered the most important out of them all depending on the situation. If a miner is found in an unfortunate situation where he is blocked by all sorts of rocks, or the interior of the cave has collapsed, he needs to have proper confined training in order to safely survive the accident while the rest of the team rescues him.

Construction Business

Construction work usually consists of many different aspects of the job. It’s not as straight forward as other professions and it requires its’ workers to work different things, sometimes every day. Some of these tasks are also done in a confined space, making construction work a profession that absolutely needs and requires confined space training.  Workers might have to enter drainage pipes or trenches, which are usually extremely tight and confined spaces, and require specific knowledge on how to act while being inside of them. Construction work is extremely dangerous, and its’ injury rates are almost double than the national’s average. For that reason, it’s pivotal for construction workers to have all the trainings that they need, including the confined space trainings.

Storage and Transport Business

The next two professions we’re going to be talking about might not have the same amount of dangerous involved with their work, but they still shouldn’t be disregarded whatsoever. People who work in storage and transport definitely require confined space training as an essential part of their learning experience when it comes to their work. Depending on the type of products someone is transporting and storing their confined space training is going to be different. If the materials and products that need to be stored and transported are classified as hazardous, it can be potentially fatal for a worker if he’s not met with proper confined space training. Even if they are not hazardous, many problems can arise without proper handling in a closed space while storing.

Food and Beverage Business

Now this might sound like a silly thing to do, but people who work in food and beverage business also tend to require knowing how to act when found in a confined space. Even if the risks of injuries are significantly lower than in other businesses, people who work with food and beverages might find themselves in confined situations when storing their articles and products. Usually, the worst outcome can be a panic attack, which might sound tame, but it can sometimes lead to a post traumatic disorder in extreme cases. That is why even if it seems like a waste of time, any training that might sometimes come in handy is valuable and recommended.

In conclusion, conducting confined space trainings is something every business owner should introduce at his firm. It will train his employees to manage difficult situations that might be unbearable for other people who hadn’t been through that type of training. For most of these professions these kinds of trainings and exercises are mandatory, as they should be, considering the number of injuries and fatalities some of these professions have. The most important thing is keeping our physical and mental health intact, and that is why confined space training should be conducted everywhere where it’s supposed to.


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