3 Things You Should Know About Access Control Systems

In today’s modern world, physical security such as having a security guard, a guard booth or a gate to secure your business is not enough. The need for electronic access control systems to grant entrance only to those authorized is fastly gaining in popularity.

Access control systems (ACS) use a security technique that works with a credential, a processor, a credential list and a credential reader. Every time a user presents the appropriate credential that correctly matches the one on the credential list, the door or lock opens.

ACS systems can be used to control or restrict access to sensitive areas such as server rooms, workstations, personnel records, and parking areas.  With a good access control system, you are guaranteed security at your business 24/7 which will ultimately give you peace of mind.

Let’s look at 3 things you should know about access control systems.

  1. There Is A Variety Of Options Available

One great thing about access control systems is the availability of options. If you are looking for a simple and basic reader, you can opt for a system that only requires a PIN number input or swiping a card. There are also other systems that go beyond the basic readers. These options use key coding, high tech fingerprint scanning or even full body scanning.

You can also choose to install modern types of access control. These are; the cloud-based access control systems, the IoT systems, and the smartphone-based systems. Cloud-based access control enables your administrator to control and restrict permissions from anywhere by using an internet connection.

With IoT internet control, all the door readers have to be connected to the internet. You should also have firmware that can be easily updated to add a new function or for security reasons.

Smartphone-based access control systems are powered by an app that is downloaded on the smartphone. Every user is then required to sign in with their correct credentials in order to gain access.

  1. Access Credentials Are Difficult To Duplicate

Padlocks and keys are cheap and easy to use. However, they can also get lost or misplaced. In the event one of your employees loses their keys, you would be forced to change all the locks and issue a new set of keys to your employees to avoid the risk of unauthorized entry.

By switching to access control systems, the risk of unauthorized duplication will reduce significantly. Once you’ve issued proximity or smart cards to authorized personnel, you will be able to know who accessed the doors and where they went.

The technical knowledge and advanced equipment used in access control systems will increase the level of security in your organization. With a fingerprint scanner, no intruder can be able to hack the biological control system. It is also very difficult to guess the specific PIN number code to fit the credentials.

  1. Access Control Systems Are Very Convenient

ACS will give your business that extra layer of security. They are also very convenient and will reduce the hassle of physically monitoring every employee’s movements in and out of the office.

You can also revoke access at the click of a button. If any of your employees leaves or is terminated, you can simply deactivate their access to avoid a security breach.


There you have it; 3 things you should know about access control systems. Looking for the best access control hardware? dsx access control will give you great flexibility and diversity. Go to comtex-nj.com and request for a free quote.

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