Businesses You can Start From P500 to P3k

low capital businessAre you wondering what businesses can be started from P500 to P3,000? If you want to put up your own business but deterred by the thought that you would need a big capital. Well, stop it now. You can find lots of businesses that could be started from P500 to P3,000 or less. You only need to look around and find the need.

There are many successful Filipino entrepreneurs who started their business in a tight budget and they have proven that a little cash can go a long way. What they only have is the right attitude, patience, hard-work, initiative and persistence. They never stop learning and innovating the business. They may not have thousands or millions of pesos to use but they continue to find ways to grow their business. And the good thing when starting in a small capital is that it allows the entrepreneur to learn the ropes of the business with minimal risk before going into big business ventures in the future.

So, whether you only have P500 or P3,000 in the pocket, now is the right time to start your dream business.

1. Perfumes and colognes
Everybody wants to smell fresh and good. Perfume/ cologne making is easy and fun to do, and your profit margins can be as high as 300 percent!

Startup Capital: P1,500 for 100 grams of perfume
Procedure: Learn how to make perfume here.
How much you’ll make: This formulation yields 12 to 13 roll-on bottles. Given this, your production cost will be around P115. You can mark up the product anywhere from 100 to 300 percent.

2. Puto
This all-time favorite Filipino delicacy is very easy to make and sell. You may even charge a higher price for flavored puto, but it will still be affordable to the masses.

Startup capital: P500
Procedure: Learn how to make puto here.
Tip: Puto is best sold in packs of 12. If you offer flavored puto, your best bet is to offer a combination of flavors in one pack since people rarely buy too much of one particular flavor.

3. Selling Ice Cream
Everybody loves ice cream, no matter what the season! This makes a perfect startup business.

Startup Capital: P1,000
Procedure: Learn how to make Ice Cream here.
How much you can sell it for: You may actually sell this 4-gallon ice cream at around P1,500 wholesale for children’s parties or small gatherings within your neighborhood. But if you pack it in small containers, you may sell it at P250 per half-gallon or P8 per scoop.

4. Banana chips
Practically anyone can be a customer, so your selling possibilities are endless. Plus, banana chips are highly in-demand overseas. Makes a perfect presents to loved ones abroad.

Startup capital: P500
Procedure: Learn how to make banana chips here.
Time to finish: 1 to 2 days. Your earnings will depend on how much you can cook, and it takes one day to cook 30 kilos worth of banana chips. If you want to make a sweet banana chips, you have to cook them a second time the following day.

Tip: Remember to store your chips in an airtight container so that they do not lose their crunchiness.

5. Aromatherapy Air Freshener
Aromatherapy air freshener not only let you breathe in oh-so-pleasant, reinvigorating scents in the air. They can also help you relax, lift your mood, banish your headaches and migraine–even drive away insects. You can sell your products through home-care stores, car accessories stores, or online stores, or offer them in sets as a gift pack.

Startup Capital: P1,600
Procedure: Learn how to make aromatherapy air freshener here.
How much you’ll make: You may package the finished aromatic fluid in 200 ml, 100 ml, 30 ml, or 20 ml bottles. A 355 ml bottle of room freshener is usually commercially sold at P370, a 7 ml pack of car freshener at P115. You can similarly price your product, or you may price it lower depending on your target market and overhead costs. In the case of your room spray, you may put in a 100 percent markup; the price would then be P200 per 200ml bottle.

6. Donuts
During special and holiday season, many people turn to food as a default giveaway item, and sweets such as donuts are always considered easy to give. You can also sell to friends and neighbors, tap coffee shops and offer donuts for concession, or accept orders by the dozen. Perfect for parties, birthdays, anniversaries and all other occasions.

Startup capital: P1,000
Procedure: Learn how to make donuts here.
How much you can sell it for: Add the costs of the ingredients and P15 for packaging and additional toppings or flavors, then multiply by two to get a 100 percent markup. Divide by the number of yield to get the per-piece price .

7. Homemade Fruit Preserves
The Philippines is teeming with tropical fruits, which makes it easy to make a variety of jams and fruit preserves. Since Filipinos are always in search of a good “palaman” (spread) for their breads, fruit jam is virtually a staple in every household. Also, makes a perfect presents or gift to your relatives overseas.

Startup capital: P2,500
Procedure: Learn how to make homemade preserves here.
How much you’ll make: You can opt to sell in bulk to stores at a 50 percent profit, or direct to customers with a 100 percent markup.

8. Siopao
Making and selling siopao is a good startup business because you don’t need to buy expensive equipment. Besides, there’s always a strong demand for this product.

Startup Capital: P650 for 80 pieces
Procedure: Learn how to make siopao here.
How much you’ll make: To have a good enough margin yet maintain a competitive price, you can add a 100 percent markup to the total production cost.

9. Chocolate Candies
Everybody loves chocolates, and they can be perfect as gifts. Plus, they’re very easy to make.

Startup Capital: P650 for 44 pieces
Procedure: Learn how to make chocolate candy here.
How much you can sell them for: You can sell the chocolates for P40 per box. You may even charge extra if you use special designs.

10. Gift baskets
There will always be people and companies who prefer to give away an assortment of goods during the holidays. If you are creative and can produce stunning pieces, your gift baskets will be in demand.

Startup capital: P1,000 (excluding the items to be placed inside)
Procedure: Learn how to make gift baskets here.
How much you’ll make: Your production cost will vary depending on what you put inside the basket, however, a safe bet would be to add a 20 percent markup to the total production cost.

11. Stuffed Toys
Kids and adults love to cuddle these furry animals, so you have a wide range of buyers to sell to. Plus, with the holiday season ahead, it is easy to sell stuffed toys as gift items.

Startup Capital: Around P500
Procedure: Learn how to make stuffed toys here.
How much you will make: You can add a 100 to 150 percent markup to the production cost and sell each stuffed toy at P150 to P175.

Tips: Trace the patterns correctly. Cutting cloth that has been wrongly traced is a costly mistake.

12. Liquid Detergent
People are always looking for cheaper alternatives to commercially available items. Homemade cleaning solutions can be as effective as branded ones, and your target market who use them in large quantities everyday will appreciate their lower price.

Startup Capital: From P1,000 to P1,200
Procedure: Learn how to make liquid detergent here.
How much you can sell it for: To determine the selling price for your liquid detergent, add a markup of 40 to 45 percent to the total production cost of each bottle.

13. Selling Polvoron
Polvoron is a much-loved Filipino delicacy, and it has become a favorite gift to give to friends and family here and abroad.

Procedure: Learn on how to make polvoron here
Startup Capital: P500 for ingredients for your first 50 pieces and materials such as measuring spoons, Polvoron molder, etc. (which you can reuse again and again)
How much you can sell it for: Plain polvoron can be sold for as much as P44 for a pack of 12, while flavored ones can go as high as P60.

14. Fish Siomai
Siomai consumption is nowadays widespread and can be seen in many Philippine business food stalls and restaurants serving siomai either in steamed or fried with chili garlic dip sauce.

Procedure: Click this link- How to make fish siomai.
Startup Capital: P300 for about 140 pieces of fish siomai

15. Skinless Longganisa
Skinless longganisa, a Filipino-style sausage, is a popular viand that you can find in most dining tables of Filipino families. Longganisa comes in different versions from the different regions of the country, i.e. with vinegar like in Vigan, or with oregano like in Lucban.

Startup Capital: P500 to P1000
Procedure: Click here to learn How to Make Skinless Longganisa.

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  1. aliyaa says:

    I hope that you can feature more non-food related businesses

  2. This list are brilliant with small capitals like that. But this post is a more than a decade. Are these business ideas still feasible right now?

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  8. Senator Antonio Trililing says:

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  109. @Tony – I think you have to determine first how much you actually need and what business do you want to build? For me, financing a business 10,000 pesos and under seems doable for most pinoy and you can just save up for that. You can turn to Microfinance if you still can’t afford it or, if you need about 100,000 capital and above and you have a stable job earning 15k/mo. or above then there’s Salary Loan for you.
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