Tips to Make Your Baler Function Smoothly during Recycling

If we are talking about the proper operation of a recycling baler, the two primary requirements are the education and hands-on training. The better trained your operator and staff is, the lesser is the potential for a hazardous situation at work. So, what are the tips for the safe operation of recycling balers of Virginia?

We have a look in detail in the following section. 

Guard the machine

According to experts, it is vital to make sure that all the moving/rotating parts and components of the baler remain guarded while it is in use.

Vertical balers have manual working gates which are usually side mounted. Horizontal balers, on the other hand, have a top-mounted access door with a bolt-shut mechanism. Make sure that the gates are locked while operating the device.

Additionally, you need to make sure that the feed chutes of the baler are positioned high enough so that the operator can stay at a safe distance from the shear blades.

About the electrical components

It is essential to ensure that the electrical panels stay clear of all the dirt and debris. So the panels need to be secured and shut while in use. If an inspection reveals any damage to the conduits, then spare parts must be installed promptly.

Do a hydraulic check

Balers operate under conditions of high hydraulic pressure. This means that any leak needs repairing. It is also vital to clean oil spills if any. Mechanical abrasions or cuts can cause extensive damage to the lines. Make sure that you keep spare parts handy and replace the worn-out fixtures as soon as possible.

The structural integrity

Balers are solid steel construction, but that doesn’t mean that the device is not prone to breakdown or damage. The high stress, heat, and general harsh environment of the job suggest that the structural integrity of the device can get damaged. Inspect for signs of cracks and breaks along with wear and tear due to improper loading and age of the baler.

Importance of employee training

When we are talking about the safe handling and usage of a recycling baler, employee training is imperative under the guidance of qualified trainers. This will ensure proper handling and the regular maintenance of the device.

About lock-out and tag-out

It is vital to utilize the lock-out and tag-out protocols for the recycling baler in use by the staff. Every operator and maintenance staff must be at all costs familiar with these protocols in place.

Age of operators

You need to make sure that the baler is not operated by a minor under the age of 18 years of age. Legal measures strictly prohibit any exception to this rule.

About warning labels

Most balers come equipped with warning labels. This is to ensure that manual inspection and checks can be completed efficiently and quickly. Always make sure that the warning labels are in place before and after using the baler. Check your instruction’s manual to locate all the warning labels.

It is essential to understand that balers are large and bulky devices. So operator training is imperative with respect to loading, operating, and storing the bales. Maintain standard safety procedures and protocols at all times. All the best.

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