Why Custom Book Prints Always Stand Out

Are you looking to find the best custom book printing company at the most affordable rate? Well, this would certainly be your requirement if you are looking to make an already good looking book appear prettier than ever. As an example, imitation leather fabrics can give your book a customized appearance, and there are many such examples.

For what can you use custom book printing solutions?

custom book prints

It would be advisable to search for the Top Book Printing Companies if you are looking for one or more of the following:

  1. Get a custom-made book cover
  2. Get gold foil lettering on cover and the spine
  3. Specific cover size
  4. Stapled binding for your paperback book
  5. Choice of high quality paper
  6. Choice of archival endsheets and headbands
  7. Get your own online sales page for anyone to order your book
  8. Foil stamping, which is the application of foil to any kind of paper with the help of a heated die
  9. Embossing or debossing
  10. Ribbon markers in the book

Printing companies offer a variety of publishing services, which are often more than just custom book printing options. This is because it is their aim to make authors succeed in whatever they write. They provide the following services in lieu of the same:

  • Professional finishing and binding
  • Complete marketing and distribution rights for a book in domestic and international markets
  • Design and formatting
  • Assistance with acquisition of the ISBN number

You may need custom printing solutions

If you are one of the following groups of people, or outside these as well, you will certainly be able to avail the best custom book printing solutions from top print companies:

  • General public
  • Corporations
  • Self publishers
  • Marketing and advertising firms
  • Small businesses
  • Graphic design firms
  • Brokers

What is ISBN?

The above acronym stands for International Standard Book Number, and it is not a bar code. One agency in every country is given the task of assigning ISBNs to self publishers and publishers there. The ISN is able to identify:

  • Title
  • If it is a book-like product (audiobook)
  • Publisher to be contacted for giving orders

This system is so accurate that if it is obtained from a company which is not the authorized ISBN agency for that country, the ISBN will not be able to identify the publisher accurately.

Find a company with a mix of good quotes and high quality printing

You may have experienced the pain of buying something purely on the basis of price. The same can happen by blindly choosing the company that offers the least custom printing price. Choose the company on the basis of truthful references and testimonials from others. While sitting at home, you will get competitive prices in your inbox. Ensure that you network with only the best company after research.

Find custom printing services as per project

You can select a custom printing service based on the kind of project you have in mind. Types of projects include softcover books, hardcover books and digital books. In most cases, standard rates will be applicable on a set number of copies. Most of these services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Various kinds of custom covers

Any printed book will first draw attention with the help of its cover. Experienced and reliable printers will always design a cover which builds interest in reading the story inside. Types of covers include:

  • Cloth cover– There are different colors and textures on offer for cloth covers. It is common to do foil stamping on the front cover.
  • Paper cover– Printed covers are first printed on suitable paper, and then wrapped around the book. Standard types of paper include matte, gloss or uncoated paper.
  • Leatherette cover– It is one of the most expensive designs, being available in different patterns and thicknesses.

It is the age of Ebooks

The idea of reading a whole lot of pages from a paperback book has become redundant for many, especially the younger generation. In other words, if you are planning to roll out a book for the younger generation, it might be a good idea to start with an Ebook faster, which can even be read on the move.

Ebooks are aptly suited for reading on the go since they are relatively weightless. Imagine having to carry a huge book of Shakespeare’s stories in the bus or any other public transport! What’s more, a number of flexible creation tools can be used to create them, with the necessary features. Ebook content can also be seen on fixed layout books. Additionally, you will be able to sell and share the Ebook easily. Today, read-anywhere PDFs that have books within them are available easily, and these work on every smart device.

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