7 Tips On How To Make Money On Tea

Tea-lovers go mad about this magical drink.  The tea party process defines the culture of the UK, China, and Japan. The healing and revitalizing effect that tea has on our bodies has been known since long ago. But nevertheless, this drink can not only be an everyday ritual but also enrich your pockets. In this article, we’ll give you 7 great tips on how to live a life of prosperity with tea.

#1 Initiate Your Own Tea Brand

The most evident and most resource-demanding way. Starting your own exclusive brand is for the insistent, decisive, and with a decent financial background. Residents of South Carolina or Georgia can start growing tea organically in their own house and organize a local-oriented marketplace or organize the cross-state shipping and emphasize on the sustainability of your business. The same can do the residents of Canada-neighbouring states like Montana or North Dakota. They can easily grow tea in a tiny greenhouse near their places. However, expanding the target audience may bring more income, consequently, a tiny home plantation won’t be enough. 

Nevertheless, there’s a way of less resistance. You can initiate a partnership with a decent tea provider in China or Sri Lanka and start selling their product under your own label. With so many different tea retailers that all usually import the product from the same supplier, it’s important for you to make your tea brand special among all of them. Becoming just another regular tea retailer is not what you should struggle for. Let the exquisite taste, the flavor, and the expensive-looking label make your product outstanding on the market.

Mind that in both strategies, your trading business must be regulated by law. You should have a license that proves the origin of the tea you sell and the permittance of leading the trade activity.

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#2 Start Selling Tea-Connected Goods

If the previous plan seems too complicated or you have no desire to mess up with all these business plans, we have another suggestion for you- selling tea-linked products. Teapots, teacups, and everything that the real tea-lover needs. Same as the previous way, you can set up a business and run a whole factory, hire the workers, rent an office, or open a cozy shop.

However, you can make the task easier. Thankfully, large trading platforms like Amazon and Aliexpress have these goods in abundance. You can order them, store in your house and sell online for the higher price. This is a common spread practice among most retailers, so same as to tea-cells make sure, you have something exceptional to offer to the customers.

#3 Start Creating Content

A personal blog on Instagram, YouTube, or even an own website- the opportunities are endless so why not take a shot and start earning real money on tea? For instance, you can review the best cafes where they serve divine tea or the best stores specialized in tea. The more audience you attract the more money you earn. Teach people how to differentiate tea varieties, how and where to buy the best tea in town, and even share interesting facts about tea. Moreover, you can also start a tea-appreciation course to show people that the power of high-quality tea is underestimated. Enlighten people on the bracing and healing effect the tea has on our bodies, enhance this information with your charm and charisma and be sure, your efforts will be appreciated. Be ready that this may take time and finance to promote the blog and start earning real money, but it’s a worthy plan. 

If you ask how it all works, we can give you the answer. The thing is, the more active followers your account has the more companies ask you to advertise their product and the higher value of your services can be. 

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#4 Use Tea Infusions For Making Soap or Scented Candles

Maybe it needs a bit more creativity and craft, but still, it’s a worthy plan. This is definitely easier than you could think but may become a profitable source of money or at least a hobby for leisure. With the minimum investment, it promises to bring decent incomes if given the proper marketing. Study the general aspects of soap and candle-making, play with formulas and scents, and remember that the aesthetical aspect is decisive when it comes to candles and soap selling. 

#5 Set Up a Tea-Specialized Cafe 

Probably, this is the first idea that comes to your head when deciding on earning for living on tea. Just imagine how many tea-lovers your cafe will attract? A place where everyone will find a tea to taste and a delicious dessert to try. A must-visit for tea-fans and the forbidden-to-enter for coffee-passionate. Moreover, you can also run a small tea-shop with all the most exclusive tea-sorts where even the most inveterate coffee lover will find their special tea. 

You can set up the two separate stores but we suggest you create a separate section in your cafe. People come, order a cup of divine tea, fall in love, and already ready to buy a few pounds of tea leaves to enjoy its flavor at home. A concept worth considering. No matter how many cafes there are in your city, yours is going to have the flavor.

#6 Organize Tea Catering?

How many companies specialized in tea-catering do you know, if you actually know any. This may not seem to be in high demand, but believe us, you can fastly find the customers passionate about tea and tea ceremony or tea in general. You can provide them with everything starting with high-class tea, Chinese-style cups, and tea kettles to immerse clients into the entire atmosphere of a tea party or serve delicious treats with tea. In this case, success is guaranteed. Who doesn’t want to have the party beautifully designed and have some minutes or hours with friends or family enjoying the flavored tea?

In the UK, they have a special afternoon tea custom. Actually, this is one of the first associations that occur in your mind when you hear the word Britain, after Her Majesty and her Corgis, of course. The British don’t only drink tea but serve a variety of meals, like sandwiches, lemon curds, and cakes. Why not trying to make business on it? Why not offering the citizens of your country become a part of the UK culture? This business promises to be in high demand.

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#7 Produce Tea-Based Cleaning or Cosmetic Products

This is not a secret that green tea extract is widely used in cosmetics. Manufacturers emphasize the presence of green tea extracts in their goods because they know healing effect it has on the skin. In fact, green tea has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, astringent, and softening effect, has wound healing properties, promotes the penetration of biologically active substances into the skin, enhances its protective properties, and improves the skin color. Besides, the chance to be allergic on green tea is almost zero. 

For the same reason, green tea is widely used in organic cleaning products. The active development of eco-friendly movement and the fact that some customers are allergic to chemicals that washing liquids contain, hence, they all purchase eco products for cleaning. These people can become your target audience. Just make truly worthy products and deserve the customers’ trust. 

Again, you don’t always need to rent the trading space for it, begin online and slowly reach doe entering the market of offline sales. 

How to Start Tea Business?

Find a Decent Supplier

A credible supplier is almost a half success when decide not to gro tea on your own. Don’t stop on only one of them, find several and see which tea tastes better, which kind is in higher demand and which is not worth your finances. We recommend sacrifice quality for the sake of affordability, but also mind that cheaper products may sometimes be even more popular. Each customer has the taste and it’s better if range of tea you sell can satisfy the majority of clients.

A Bit of Patience and Self-Discipline

Money doesn’t come easy. You can’t start earning millions since the very first day you started your tea business. Pay the right attention to advertising, creating a reputation of a high-class retailer, propose your product to large audiences and don’t be afraid of failures. Think over strategies of promotion and don’t neglect the importance of the proper presentation. Persistence and patience are your friends, cowardice and doubts are the enemies.

Adapt to Changes

The market is rarely stable and it’s always dynamic. Trends, tastes, preferences are always changing, but one thing should remain constant- the quality of your product. The delicate combination of flexibility and stability is one of the definitive features when running a business, no matter if you step on this path as a retailer or blogger, you should feel the mood of the society. Tea is always in demand, but only you decide if your business will flourish or your place on the market will be taken by some other entrepreneur.

Marketing Skills Are Essential

Good if you can promote your business on your own, but in most cases, you’ll need to apply to a professional. The one who analyzes the market and knows to present your product according to the request to the customers. 

If you choose to produce candles or soaps, don’t neglect the stage of taking beautiful photos of your product for the Instagram profile or website. In case you want to teach tea-appreciation courses or lead a blog on YouTube, learn to be informative, involving, and interesting to listen, with a pleasant manner of speech and clear delivery.

Be Passionate About What You Do

Obviously, every business starts with the idea of income, even the article is devoted to making money on tea, but we want you to understand one thing. If the business is only based on the idea of profit, it’s likely to fail very fast. You should not only be interested in money but show care of the customer and be passionate about your craft. These are the components of any business, not only the tea trade.

Closing Word

Nowadays when people learned to earn on Instagram, YouTube, and even singlehearts.org, tea business doesn’t seem that complicated. As you see, the tea industry is diverse and it doesn’t revolve around selling tea leaves or opening fancy tea-specialty cafes. Pick any of the suggested ideas and you have all chances to receive decent earnings.

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Sandra Manson is a passionate journalist who has been contributing to major media publications. She enjoys writing about human phycology and lifestyle. Sandra also runs her blog https://singlehearts.org/ where she covers topics of great interest in modern society.

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