Why should you go for the Cisco certifications?

Are you planning to undergo a Cisco examination? Have you landed on this website to find out about the advantages of having a Cisco certification?

The Cisco system provides specialized and general certifications to the candidates. An examination is conducted where the candidates need to get the passing marks for obtaining the certification. The general Cisco training certification is classified under 4 categories on the basis of expertise, which is offered in 7 various parts. This includes switching and routing, storage networking, security, and design.

CCNP, CCNA, and CCIE are some of the most popular sought-after certifications required in the IT industry for a bright career. As a Cisco professional, employees will be hundred percent assured of your skills and proficiency in the networking concepts and fundamentals.

In this post, you can have a look at the major reasons why you should undergo the Cisco training.

The Cisco certification validates and enhances networking knowledge

If you are wondering whether you should enroll in the Cisco online training, go ahead without any dilemma because this training can help you to increase and enhance your knowledge base. Usually, the Cisco certifications use a range of protocols and technologies. Having the certification can help you to learn how to configure, install, operate as well as troubleshoot the switched and routed networks. Moreover, the professionals also get the necessary expertise for tackling issues in the real-world environment, accompanied by the risks and pressures associated with the maintenance and network deployment in huge organizations.

Gives an opportunity to the candidate to explore the new avenues for better career advancements

With a Cisco certification, you can actually take your career on the fast track. You will get the foremost opportunity when applying for jobs in your related and concerned field. Hence, it means better visibility from the aspect of your job profile. After completing the Cisco training, you can perform a different kind of networking task at a higher level, accompanied by fulfilling advanced responsibilities. Although it is quite possible to get promotion even without having this certificate, still the Cisco certification can certainly boost up your promotion process.

Better opportunity for lucrative salary packages

As per the US Bureau of statistics, it has been reported that the annual average salary for the system and the network administrator is $ 79,770. The highest paid professionals get a salary of $ 1, 20,000 or even more. It has also been predicted that a 12% demand has increased for the network professionals in the past few years. And, the same is expected in the years to come.

Moreover, according to the research it has been found that in the future the demand of such professionals will be further increased, which means the salary packages will also simultaneously enhance quickly in comparison to other job fields.

The Cisco certification outweighs the opportunity cost

The experience varies from one individual to another. Still, the average professionals who have no experience in networking or IT can get the required knowledge and practical guidance from the Cisco training. For instance, the routing and switching track (R/S) course will take 1500 hours of study. It includes three certifications, CCIE R/S, CCNP R/Sand CCNA R/S

As per the studies, it has been found at the average rate of graduates in the US is just 16$ per hour. But with the Cisco training, it can be around minimum $ 24,000. It is also assumed that the professionals will have to quit their full-time job in order to prepare for this certification. The average starting pay will be annual $ 50000.

What is the course fee? How long it takes to complete the course?

There are a number of institutions offering Cisco certification. The course fee is around $ 299. You will get access to self-paced and high-quality learning contents designed by the industry experts. This is a small course of 180 days only, but the output will actually help you a lot in your career path. Both Cisco online training, as well as classroom training, is available. It is possible that you may not complete the training on the first go. But the course materials and online training practices can actually help you a lot in passing out the exam at the first try. And from the reasons that have been given above, you can understand that Cisco certified professionals are given the maximum priority over other candidates. This is because the functional excellence actually leads to the operational productivity, which directly supports the very fact that certifications and training do have a positive impact on fortifying the returns on lower costs, investments as well as increase productivity of the employees.

Hopefully, the reasons I have stated above for Cisco training are enough for you to start with the course. There are several other advantages of getting Cisco certification. So, without any delay enroll your name for the course today.

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