How To Create A Livable Space From A Shoebox Home

Space is a growing concern in major cities globally. The exorbitant rent rates in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and Vancouver are forcing residents to live in cramped spaces. Living in a shoebox home is increasingly becoming a trend everywhere.

Studies show that tiny homes can have adverse effects on residents’ psychological well-being. For adults, living in a limited space has been linked to social withdrawal, stress, and aggression. Children in tightly-packed living conditions were found to have poorer grades than their peers in bigger houses due to the difficulty of finding a conducive area to study.

Real estate developers, engineers, and interior designers are exploring ways to create tight spaces into livable homes. With the right carpentry work and furniture, you can easy transform a dull space into a cozy abode. Here are 10 tricks you can try in creating a livable space out of a shoebox home.

A bedroom-work area combo


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A small space can be a comfortable home. One condo design trend today is the use of multi-functional furniture. A sofa bed is perfect for studio flats as it can be used as a sitting area for guests and a bed at night. To maximize space in your studio, you can have a customized loft with a work or study area. Enjoy a good night’s sleep on your loft bedroom, away from the clutter of your work desk.

Smart spaces in the dining area


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With a dash of creativity, you can live in a small space comfortably. Ditch the space-consuming grand dining table for a gorgeous customized counter in your kitchen. This is perfect for busy bachelors who are always on the go. You can create lots of storage spaces in your kitchen-cum-dining area such as hanging and side cabinets.

Multifunctional living room furniture


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Modern living is all about comfort and functionality. Millennials, while they don’t neglect aesthetics, place a premium on practicality of items in their homes. Maximize small space living by choosing multifunctional furniture. You can find coffee tables with hidden storage spaces, and some that can be converted into a work area. No need to worry for extra space.

A smart kitchen for micro-apartments


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The term “smart home” is often used to describe automated home security systems. For the purpose of designing your home, a smart home can also mean creating livable space using the latest design innovations. Choose furniture pieces that serve various purposes. A pull-out cutting board is perfect for small kitchens. It stays hidden when you don’t need it, saving you space to move around.

Clever storage spaces for mini bathrooms


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Cabinets can eat up a lot of space. The best tricks in creating a livable space involve maximizing every square footage. You can install hanging shelves in the bathroom for towels and toiletries. You can also mount storage jars on a piece of wood attached to the wall. These jars not only save space, they also declutter the bathroom.

Fit a laundry area in a compact space


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One challenge of living in a mini apartment or small condo space is finding ways to fit a laundry area. If your apartment complex doesn’t have a common laundry area, you can allot space in your home. There are compact laundry and drying machines that can fit in the extra space in your kitchen. You can request a professional carpenter to help you out. Allot storage areas for your laundry items and detergents.

Floating shelves for homes decors with value


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Do you know that keeping too much stuff can add stress to your life? Living in a small apartment can force you to let go of things you don’t need. “To minimize one’s belongings and use selected items with joy and respect sounds like a Zen philosophy,” Marie Kondo, the Japanese tidying up guru says. It’s time revisit the neglected boxes of old clothes, worn out kitchenware, and forgotten toys. Separate those that you can sell, donate, and throw away. Maintain a neat look in your living room by displaying photos and decors on floating shelves. Display only those that add value to your life and highlight your interior design theme.

Explore the wonders of staircase shelving


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It’s a fact that space can be limited in condo units. However, this doesn’t mean that you should let go of stylish living just because you don’t have enough space at home. The extra footage under your stairs can be put to good use with a little carpentry work. You can mount paintings and other wall decors and install shelves for books and magazines. You can also use this space as your study/work area.

Repurposing condo balconies


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Does your apartment or condo unit include a balcony? You can maximize this space by making it an extension of your living room. Add a small couch, a coffee table, and plush pillows. You can have afternoon tea overlooking the city on your very own balcony.

Indoor gardens for urban dwellers


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A growing number of studies are promoting green spaces in urban areas. Access to parks, gardens, and vegetation encourages people to adopt a healthy lifestyle. There are resort-style condo communities that feature landscaped gardens, jogging paths and open lawns. You can bring nature inside your unit by installing a vertical garden. Mount plant pots or jars on your wall. Choose plants that can survive inside structures and help clear the air including cactus, spider plants, and bonsai trees.

Despite the limited space, people still prefer to live in metropolitan areas where business districts, schools, and employment opportunities are situated. The migration to cities is boosting the trend of living in compact homes. Live comfortably in a shoebox home through the right interior design, furniture, and storage tricks.

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Jeanette Anzon is the writer and editor for AdventureDweller.com. She mostly write about home improvements, home guides and designs, and real estate investments. 

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