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In the business of Helpdesk Services, emails cannot be avoided as a form of communication either between boss and employee, or employee and customer. In fact, one might even say it has become and essential in every industry around the world; however, sometime mistakes can be made, even when we aren’t aware of it. We’ve made a list of the most common mistakes made and you may be guilt of a few of them. Check them out.

Image Source: www.altushost.com

Image Source: www.altushost.com


Unfinished Emails

Have you ever sent an email even before you are done writing it? You end up with an unfinished thought and you may make the wrong impression with the recipient, especially if he or she is a client. To avoid this, input the email address after you’ve finished typing the email or if you are using Gmail, enable the “Undo Send” feature in the settings.

Overly Long Emails

Nobody wants to read a novel in an email as it can easily bore the receiver and  may lead them to just ignore the content. Keep your email to a paragraph or two at most and include only the essential information. Yes, you may want to include the tiniest of details, but best to save that to document attached to the email. Put yourself in the recipient’s shoes— would you be interested in the email you are sending? Would you read all of it? If not, edit and reword.

Too Short Emails

If overly long emails are a big no-no, so are extremely short ones. Don’t send a one or two word response as it can sound as if you are disinterested in what the sender had to say. Be a decent person and send at least a full sentence complete with a greeting and closing.

Image Source: www.officialmailmarketing.com

Image Source: www.officialmailmarketing.com

Incorrect Grammar

These days, people are more aware of grammatical errors more than ever. When it comes to work emails, never forget to inspect your email’s grammar. According to a survey conducted by HubSpot Sidekick, up to 40% of people consider incorrect grammar to be among their major pet peeves. Before sending your email, check and double check your email before sending it. Utilize grammar checkers such as Ginger Page and Grammarly to see if the content is grammatically correct. Remember, everyone’s a critic nowadays.

Problematic Homonyms

Aside from bad grammar, one of the worst mistakes a person can do is switch homonyms; just because they sound alike, it does not mean they have the same meaning. These mix-ups are enough to make a grade schooler cringe. Keep in mind; ‘there’ indicates location, ‘their’ indicates possession while ‘they’re’ is a contraction of they and are. Next, ‘its’ is a possessive pronoun while ‘it’s’ is a contraction of it and is. Lastly, ‘your’ is a possessive while ‘you’re’ is a contraction of you and are.

Misleading Subjects

The first thing a person will notice about your email is not the content, but the subject— it’s where you make your first impression. As the saying goes, first impressions and this also applies when it comes to emails. If you have a vague or badly worded subject, chances are the person you intend it for will ignore it. If you make a good, eye catching subject, there is a larger chance your reader will open your email. To make a good subject, go straight to the point and make it clear what the email’s content is about.

Emotional Emailing

Responding to an email when you are emotionally hyped can be one of the worst things you can do as the tendency is for to project whatever you are feeling onto your email. If you are feeling mad or upset, delay responding for a bit; let some time pass until you are thinking clearly before hitting the reply button.

Never forget to review your email before sending it out as it may contain errors you cannot take back. If you are unhappy with it, edit it until you think it is appropriate for sending.

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