Five Steps to Health, Wealth and Happiness

Five Steps to Health, Wealth and Happiness
by David Meacham

Most people struggle just to get by in this world and spend much of their time fighting with others for their share of the world’s pie. If you want to get out of this trap and realize abundance, or true health and happiness, then you need to adopt another philosophy of life and put your principles into practice. Here is a step by step approach to living a life of abundance.

1. Remember that you have infinite potential: Right now you are probably using less than 1% of your total physical, mental and spiritual wealth. Instead of feeling that “I can’t do it”, you should feel that the force which is guiding the universe is also guiding you.

2. Understand that this universe has been created out of joy, and not suffering: The universe flows from one infinite consciousness whose nature is Bliss. Whatever we find in the world is only a transformed state of this bliss. If you learn to look upon people, animate beings and even inanimate objects as a manifestation of this consciousness, then you will experience bliss, happiness and abundance in all of your activities and throughout your whole life.

3. The greatest wealth is human wealth, learn to perfect it: When we talk about countries we sometimes make the mistake of thinking that their wealth comes from natural resources like gold, oil, minerals, etc. While natural resources are important, what really makes a country rich is its human wealth. When people become educated they can produce more. The same goes for individuals. You don’t need to inherit one million dollars to be wealthy. Perfect your own skills, “mine” your inner resources, develop your own human wealth and you will be able to achieve your goals.

4. Physical Wealth is Transitory, go for something that is everlasting: While there is nothing wrong with getting physical the things that are necessary for your well being, you should never forget that you cannot hold on to any physical object. One day you are destined to be separated from these objects. While adjusting to the needs of the world, set your sites on the spiritual wealth that is imperishable.

5. The universe has enough for all, learn how to share he world’s wealth with others: Right now people are competing with each in a win-lose battle for the wealth of the world. Once you realize that there is enough for everyone, make efforts to ease the burdens of others. The best way to get beyond the limits of your ego is to serve others without any selfish motive. In the process you will find true happiness and make one step towards a world where all can share the abundance of this universe.

Try these five steps, it may help to change your life.

David Meacham is a social worker and web developer. His website www.selfimprovementonline.org has many articles and resources on self-help topics including: spirituality, natural health, relationships, nutrition, diet, exercise and abundance.

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