How To Make Your Team Happy So They Work Much Harder

A happy team is a productive team. What does this mean to your small business? Keeping the employees happy may seem like the last thing on your mind when there’s work to be done, but focusing a small amount of time to putting a smile on their face could change your business for the better!

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Do this first

The first step in refocusing your attention and making employees happy is to learn what they want. There are a few obvious things, like longer breaks, time off, etc., but have you put thought into ideas such as working smarter instead of harder, on-site daycare or even sleeping rooms? These are among the ideas some very well-known companies have implemented into their workplace, with astounding results. Give them what they want, designed around your company’s needs.

Critique and Praise

Constructive criticism is a must to improve an employee’s performance, but always hearing what they’re doing wrong or not good enough is a good way to send employees running out the door. Keep your criticism to a minimal, and do ensure that you are also frequently offering your insight to the value of their services.

Hear them Roar

We all have voices and want to use them. Sadly many employees fail to do so in fear or repercussion from their employer, or because they do not have the proper platform to do it. Don’t make this something your employees face. Ensure that you allow them to voice their concerns, thoughts and ideas and provides the platform for that to happen. This is multi-beneficial since employees will show more loyalty to your company when they feel they are a “part of it” and at the same time you can gain ideas and more that can make improvements to your organization.

Reward Them

I once worked for a company that offered gift cards for those who would work overtime, and on many Friday’s we would walk into the office to a large table filled with nachos, chili or other potluck type items. We had fun contests with awesome rewards, unlimited overtime every week, we felt needed and included. Each week a supervisor would sit down and talk to us about performance for the prior week and give us hints and tips. This was my favorite job. If you reward your employees they are going to thank you with hard work and loyalty, there is no doubt about it.

Make them Happy

Any business small or large can greatly benefit by taking the small steps needed to keep their employees happy. A room full of employees who feel appreciated and like a part of the team leave a positive ambiance in the air all around the facility and ensures that a productive day is had every day of the week. You will get more done, there will be lower turnover rates, more profits will be made – it is a situation that everyone wins with! Use the above tips to help keep all of your employees happy and working hard for your company.

This article is contributed by Priya who is running a sarkari naukri site. She writes about career tips & government jobs on her blog. You can follow Priya on G+.

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  1. Gregory says:

    Make them pop an Adderall and see them work. Tried for my staff who suffered from ADHD and he did pretty well for the time he worked for me.

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