Top 8 Daily Grind Tips When Working From Home In The Philippines

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Remote Work, Hybrid Work, Working From Home, however you want to call it, has grown in popularity ever since the pandemic. Everyone opted for the “new normal” of working from home because of the COVID-19. 

As time passed by the pandemic, strict restrictions were lifted and social distancing is not even a thing anymore. A lot of companies have also enabled remote work for their employees. On the other hand, employees have seen working from home as a benefit or standard when it comes to looking for a job.

In this article, you will learn about the recommended Top 10 Daily Grind Tips For Working From Home from someone who also opted for remote working.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The 8 Daily Grind Tips
    • Tip # 1: Set up your Home Office Station
    • Tip # 2: Create A Morning Routine
    • Tip # 3: Listen To Some Beats 
    • Tip # 4: Go outside & Get Some Fresh air
    • Tip # 5: Separate Work Hours And Personal Time
    • Tip # 6: Don’t Forget To Take Breaks
    • Tip # 7: Always Relax At The End Of The Day
    • Tip # 8: Try Working Outside Of Your Home
  • Takeaway

Tip # 1: Set up your Home Office Station

Having a dedicated home office station sets an environment where you can focus on doing your work and it sets boundaries for personal space. 

It would be difficult to set up your workspace in a living room in front of your television, which can tempt you into watching television instead of working.

It is advisable to invest in a spacious desk, a comfortable ergonomic chair, and a good computer (especially for artists) to be in your best comfort when working at your home office.

Tip # 2: Create A Routine

Following a routine can help you put yourself in the zone during the day to perform at your best during work hours. It also allows you to be well organized and have a set timeline of the things you need to do in the day. 

This also enables you to have positive self-care habits like eating meals at the right time, going to bed, and getting a healthy amount of sleep. 

Having a routine to follow also allows you to maintain a healthy lifestyle that enables you to take the time to exercise, relax and meditate to keep yourself from burnout.

Tip # 3: Listen To Some Beats

Listening to music while working totally puts you in the groove when working. It has some benefits that can make a difference in your productivity.

Putting on your favorite music or band helps you maintain a positive mood and there’s no question about it. It also helps you concentrate on doing the tasks at hand that also increases your overall productivity. 

Having music to listen to while working is beneficial in maintaining a positive mental health because it produces dopamine and stimulates oxytocin that enables you to experience those happy feelings.

Personally, I would recommend listening to Lo-fi music to keep the work mood light and flowing.

Tip # 4: Spend some time outdoors

Going outdoors is one of the best ways to reset your mind. Taking a quick walk or jog before doing some work provides a healthy blood circulation throughout your body to help you stay focused and productive.

Spending time outside of your home helps you gain inspiration and creativity as it helps you to expose yourself to explore different environments besides your home office.

Tip # 5: Separate Work Hours And Personal Time

Setting boundaries may be challenging for some remote workers because their office and place of comfort is all in one place. Although, this can be all fixed when you plan out your day and sort things out effectively.

The benefits of mastering the boundary between work and personal life can also greatly affect how you function at work. If you lean towards more work, burnouts can occur more often. On the other hand, if personal life takes over working hours, it can also affect your productivity and efficiency at work. 

One suggestion is to not worry about work or your tasks if it’s not your working hours. It is important to take note that you only dedicate a time for working in your day-to-day and the rest of the day can be used for personal time.

Tip # 6: Don’t Forget To Take Breaks

Humans can only do so much at a certain given time because we are not machines. There are days when we are extremely productive, some days are slow, and that’s okay. Being too hard on yourself wouldn’t do any good either.

Do less, achieve more.Taking small breaks after an hour of continuous work can help reset your brain and mental state. It helps us recharge our mind and body, which is beneficial in terms of productivity and creativity. 

An important thing to also take note is to not skip meals as it refuels our bodies with sufficient energy we need to function and it helps us sharpen our focus.

Note: If you feel you can’t keep going, a 10-minute break will do. 

Tip # 7: Always Relax At The End Of The Day

After a stressful yet productive day at work can be overwhelming in terms of our emotional and mental health. Taking the time to relax and unwind can provide a positive impact to our overall well-being.

It can be as simple as taking a bath, catching up on your favorite show, or playing your favorite video game can be beneficial to our self-care. Relaxing at the end of the day can reset your mind and prepare you for the next day.

Tip # 8: Try Working Outside Of Your Home 

Working from home has its benefits, anyone would want to skip the long and tiring commute just to go to work. You can probably finish a lot of work with the time commuting back-and-forth from your home to the office. But in time, it will get boring, you feel lonely, and burnout is more likely to happen.

With the help of office space solutions like a Coworking Space, it helps us maintain a work-life balance, a healthy relationship with ourselves, while it offers huge opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The fun in working in a Coworking Space is that it provides a collaborative space, offers free coffee, inspiring interiors & amenities at a cost-efficient rate that can make you love working.

It is nice to have a workspace outside of your home where you can focus on working without the distractions of household responsibilities. A space where you can fully dedicate yourself to working while also collaborating with professionals alike.


dream focus

As work models continue to make a change towards remote working, it is also important to take care of yourself. The daily grind and hustle in working can be a strain to ourselves if we don’t take care of ourselves. 

These tips aren’t just tips that would help you with working from home, but these tips also serve as your own self-care guide and how to take care of yourself on stressful days at work.

Bringing your work outside of your home can be beneficial in more ways than one. Going to a Coworking Space like Weremote that provides productivity solutions like a Virtual Office can enhance your productivity, creativity, social life, and provides a life-work balance.

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