Website Design Practices: Website Header Designing Tips

The header of a website is likely to be the first thing people will look at when they visit your site.
Your website header needs to be inviting, depict your brand and look professional. Thus, it is crucial that the headers contain the name of the company or website. A website header design can include anything and everything, available in graphic designs. one can include photos, artworks and multimedia designs to create header. If the client wants to include his company’s logo then that is also possible.

Let’s take a look at these aspects and how some websites use them very effectively.

Keep it simple: The first aspect that strikes me as important is the well-known idea of keeping it simple. A simple header allows people to grasp the essence of your website design in a blink and helps them to not get lost. Your header is probably the first thing people will see when coming to your site. By keeping it simple you can make sure you don’t ask too much from your visitors.

Highlight the Headers: Headers must be separate from the content of web pages. Consequently, you require pointing them out appropriately. What it essential is to make the headers look unique, and thus more visible. It is a great idea to use various types of fonts or shades to make the difference.

Large Header: Use large header, but do not be too large to exceed the page limit of the site. You can also follow the example of some great and successful website.

Font style, size and color: Font style, size and color of text on header is of greater importance in making a webpage header more appealing. Select simple but clear font style for your webpage.

Use Bright Colors: Headers are supposed to attract attention. Therefore, make sure they do that. Use bright colors like red, yellow, orange etc. that are aggressive and attention grabbing and stimulate reaction in visitors. These colors appear to stand out from the regular scroll of the web pages.

Don’t put menu above header: Some site put a menu above the header. It’s wrong. The top left hand corner is the most important and looked at part of the web page. So don’t have your visitors look at the word home let them look at your logo. Tell them who you are. Get the website design right and your visitors with grow.

Creating and designing your own free website headers can sometimes be more of a challenge than it appears, especially if you’re not experienced in website design, but you don’t need to pay a crazy amount of money to get a professional website headers either. If you follow the above guidelines and keep it simple you’ll have a great looking header that is not only professional looking, it will be inviting while also making your website unique and memorable.

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Website Design Practices: Website Header Designing Tips
By Ambreen Sadiq

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