How to make the most out of a long train commute

If you spend a considerable amount of time commuting, it might be time to make the most out of those hours. Instead of spending two hours a day playing games on your phone, use this time to enhance your life with new hobbies. 

Here are a few ideas to make the most out of your long train commute.

Read a book

Streamline your briefcase by switching out your paperbacks for an e-book. Read a fictional novel when you need to relax or kickstart your day with an inspirational read from a best-selling entrepreneur. 

If you need to switch trains and tubes on your commute, an audiobook may be a little more practical. You can listen to it while running to your platform and walking to the office without needing to lift a finger. Convenient, right?

 Create a to-do list

Use your commute as an opportunity to get more organised. Prioritise your day’s responsibilities with a to-do list or outline your goals for this month. Use a digital organiser, like the calendar app on your phone, to keep everything in one place and super easy to access. 


Podcasts are a great way to unwind after a long day at work. Listen to a historical discussion, beauty chat or even today’s news in a podcast format. Make sure to download your favourite podcasts before setting off on the commute to avoid any buffering. 

Learn a new language

If you fancy something a bit more educational, try learning a new language on your commute. You can use audio-based lessons, flashcard apps and connect with other learners online. You will be fluent before you know it and can show off your skills on your next holiday!

Catch a train travelling to Greenwich and learn a whole new Spanish conversation on the way. Talk about multitasking!


Commuting can be a stressful and tedious experience. Download the Calm or Mind app and listen to their guided meditation sessions. They even have a specific meditation series for commuters, who might be struggling with overcrowded trains and stressful journeys.

Try to meditate in the morning to give yourself a clear and focused mind for the day ahead. You will be more productive at work with your anxious thoughts pushed to one side.

Make the most of your commute this week by investing a little more effort into your hobbies. After a few weeks, the hours will add up, and you will be an expert at your new hobby in no time!

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