6 Methods To Generate Leads For Your Business Via A Blog

Okay, you’re happy to say that your business has a blog site. But let me ask you, is your blog doing what it really should be doing?

Your business blog site is not just for introducing or talking about what you offer, it’s an ideal place to generate leads for your business. And if you haven’t thought of it this way, or you have but do not know how to do it, here’s a few helpful tips to get you going:

1. Encourage Sign-ups

In your blog site, you must encourage visitors to sign-up to your mailing list. A good idea is to put an opt-in form that the visitors can fill out around your site. How do you get them to sign up? You offer something of value like free trials or free samples.

You can place the opt-in form in the header, sidebar, footer or end of posts. Don’t be afraid to experiment because you never know which placement ends up performing the best. So, it is important to put those forms in some key areas of your site, where you can get your visitors’ attention and thus encourage them to sign up. Once you get them on your mailing list, you can start generating more leads.

2. Free Stuff

People’s eyes get bigger when they see the word “free,” who wouldn’t? You get something without paying for it. Offering free downloads of content in your site is a good way to encourage visitors to sign up to your mailing list.

You can provide them with free articles, eBooks, templates or other forms of digital material. Also, offering free seminars and webinars is a good lead generator for your business. Just make sure you are attracting your target market, people who will actually buy from you.

The catch is when they download the freebie, they have to give you their name, email and other info. And that’s how you generate leads for giving away free stuff.

3. Free Consultations

Quite similar to the previous tip, free consultations are a great lead generator. In fact, that free consultation is actually a sales call in disguise. You see, when a customer wants to consult about something, it means they are already considering buying from you. They just want to inquire and get answers to be sure.

4. Referral Incentive Program

The thing about offering incentives for referrals is that you don’t do the work, your readers do. For example, you offer a customized shirt for a person who refers five other people to download your free eBook. You are offering an incentive to get these people to get more people for you. Come to think about it, it is a brilliant lead generator. And if you give an awesome incentive, imagine how many referrals you’ll get in a day without even doing anything.

5. Popups

Oh yes, popups! Not many are crazy about popups, but when it comes to generating leads, they are actually a lot more useful than you think. There is a direct relationship between popups and subscription rates, which means that sites with no popups tend to have less subscriptions too.

The trick here is not to post any annoying popups that are hard to click. A successful popup offers something valuable that guarantees the reader that he or she will receive something free if they sign up before leaving.

6. Get Into Social Media

Social media is a place where you can generate leads because your reach is far and wide. When you offer something for free, people like to share it, pin it or retweet it. Through those activities, you can already bring people to your blog site and work the magic there (previous tips we talked about). Squeeze what you can out of your social media, it’s why you created accounts there anyway.

These are the things you can do to tap into your blog site’s lead generating potential.

Azalea is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic contributor with years of experience and also a staff member at newInternetOrder.com – where online business is shown to normal people. No nonsense, and no endless product promoting. Azalea is interested in action-packed films, nutrition, and utilizing positive vibes for a balanced lifestyle.

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