8 Common Reasons for Water Leakage

Most of us have great trust in the plumbing system of our homes that it will work perfectly without any kind of leakage. Inappropriately, the leakage in a pipe is very common.

8 Common Reasons for Water Leakage 1

Mentioned below are the most common causes that bring about water leakage issues:

1. Improper installation or construction methods

Skipping the step of compressing the soil before getting started with the construction work could possibly lead to the problem of movement of foundation or soil settling. This can bring up the pipes to a condition where they start breaking or cracking, which ultimately leads to water leakage. And if this is not repaired soon, then it gets worse with each passing day. Similarly, poor installation of the plumbing system and fixtures at your house such as water heaters and faucets could drop the connection and start leaking. To get the situation under control and prevent further damage, it is better to call for Folsom Plumbing service to get it repaired.

Note: It is highly recommended to hire professional plumbing service providers for a proper and safe process.

2. Pipes freeze

In case the pipes freeze and you don’t defrost them when required, these could burst out leading to major water loss. At times, this situation results in extreme overflow and much damage to the property.

Note:It is highly recommended to insulate the water pipes to secure them from icy temperatures. In case of the pipes freeze, defrost them using a blow dryer or any other safe heating device and immediately call a plumber to get professional assistance.

3. Root interloping

The pipes directing inside and outside of the house are hidden in the ground, leaving them prone to disturbing roots of the trees. As the hair-like tree roots create their passage inside the plumbing system, pipe connections may get detached or damage and leak dirt into the soil.

Note: It is highly suggested not to plant any trees right on top of the sewer lines.And, in case you experience some difficult situation, then it is better to hire a professional plumbing service provider to handle the situation safely.You should also call a plumber regularly to examine sewage pipes for tree root interference. Moreover, know the signs of drain line impairment so that you can get in touch with some expert plumber for emergency drain repair work whenever required.

4. Dripping Fixtures

A leakage issue in the toilet base, broken faucet, or broken dishwasher pipe could let the water leak and immerse into the ground. The outflow might grow gradually and stay overlooked until some major damage takes place.

Note: Try shaking the toilet seat to check if it varies around on its base. Moreover, check the pipes behind the dishwasher, ice maker and washing machine for the hints of possible corrosion. Think about changing the standard rubber pipes with the hard-wearing steel plaited ones.

5. Pipe decay that befalls with time

Plumbing systems in the long-standing structures hold an increased danger of water leakage because of the corrosion they naturally get due to extended usage. The tubes made of copper and steel are mainly prone to oxidation damage.This could wear off the metal and rust the pipes, triggering them to drip.

Note: it is suggested to get the pipes examined after every 12 to 18 months for rust and signals of other damage that might be there.

6. Extreme water pressure

If the excess amount of water powers its way through the pipeline with extreme speed, the burden can put pressure on the joints. Ultimately, they may get weak, pop, and drip.

Note: Measure the pressure of water. In case it goes beyond 60 psi, then it is necessary to call for Folsom Plumbing service to fix the pressure reducing valve.

7. Broken Tube Joints

Most of the plumbing systems hold seals with arched angles. After extended usage, these links can loosen up, or the joints can get impaired. When this situation occurs, water can start dripping from the joints whenever it flows through these lines.

Note: handle your plumbing with care. Avoid exploding water with extreme temperatures from the pipeline or turning the tap on and off rapidly to decrease corrosion on pipe joints.

8. Untreated Clogs

A slow sewer might seem to be nothing more than a trouble, but the pipe blockages can instigate worsening of the condition. Whether the block itself contains harsh materials or you try to clean up the drain using the strong chemical cleaners, the result can be evenly damaging, perhaps resulting in impairment and dripping.

Note: In case a nozzle doesn’t help, then it is better to call a plumber service provider to clean up the pipeline carefully.

If you are also going through similar issues with your plumbing systems then it is good to call a professional plumbing service provider to get the system repaired to perfection.

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