Step By Step Guide For Drawer Slides Installation

Many people find it quite challenging to install drawer slides properly.  They don’t understand that the process varies depending on the style of draw slides at hand. While some drawer slides may come with an installation guide, others don’t. Understanding simple steps can help you install any drawer slides without much headache. In many cases, the installation of Roller Slides and Ball-Bearing Slides are quite similar. This guide will give you step-by-step insight into drawer slide installation.

Disassemble the entire cabinet unit

When you separate the drawer member from the cabinet member, the rest of the installation process becomes much more manageable. Many drawer slides often consist of at least the cabinet member and the drawer member. Cabinet members mount to heavy duty slide rails, and the drawer member attaches to the moving component. You are most likely to purchase the two members of roller slides when separate. If not so, slide the drawer member forward and pop the drawer roller over the cabinet member’s roller. To separate ball-bearing slides, push the lever and pull forward. But not all ball-bearing slides have release levers meaning that you cannot disassemble them.

Properly align the cabinet member

Once you disassemble your cabinet, it is time to align the cabinet member inside your cabinet. You should level your set of drawer slides and make them parallel. To set an overlay drawer fronts, you should align the cabinet member’s front with the cabinet’s front edge to insert drawer fronts. Now you have the cabinet member appropriately aligned with your wardrobe. Proceed and fasten it to the cabinet into the recommend holes of the cabinet member. The holes on cabinet members are used to allow for adjustment at the end of the install.

Align the drawer member appropriately

Make sure you align the front of the drawer member to the front of the drawer when installing the drawer member for a releasing ball-bearing slide and a roller slide. To allow the drawer to fit with your cabinet, ensure that both drawer members are level and parallel. They should also appropriately align with your cabinet members. After the aligning, use your fasteners of choice to fasten it to the cabinet into the recommend slots. Use the vertical slots in the drawer member to allow for a height adjustment. For non-releasing ball-bearing slides, you should have a second pair of hands to hold the drawer in place while you mount it to the drawer slides. Once through, you can push your drawer closed.

Insert the drawer into the cabinet

After ensuring that you have attached all members, this is the right time to insert the drawer into the cabinet. When using roller slides, roll the drawer roller over heavy duty slide rails to align with the drawer in place. But insert the drawer member to the intermediate member and push it to close if you are using releasing ball-bearing slides. The release lever will automatically lock as the drawer closes. Having all this in mind, don’t panic; just have all these tips at your finger and ensure you apply each where necessary, and be least assured of perfection.

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