4 Benefits of Using a Mechanical Pencil

Although computer-based software and other gadgets are available to help you write, there’s nothing like a handwritten draft. Phones and laptops may have replaced writing with hand, but the charm of using a pencil is still very much the same. If you are a writer, you would still prefer writing pencil drafts over digital ones. It is also quite a popular instrument amongst designers as well as people who love to write. A mechanical pencil is used for rough use and can withstand high amounts of pressure. It is made up of high-quality plastic and brass material. It also has a textured grip to make the writing comfortable for you. This grip and material help you get control over your writing and make it more precise. A mechanical pencil uses lead-advanced technology that helps to push the lead forward while you are writing. Using a mechanical pencil is very easy and not very technical. All you have to do is push the button at the end of the pencil to let the lead help you write on a paper. When one stick of lead is used, you need to keep clicking to let the other one appears in the point. So, there are many benefits of switching to a mechanical pencil.

mechanical pencil
mechanical pencil
  • The Longevity of the Pencil

As compared to a regular pencil, a mechanical pencil is going to last you longer. If you are looking for mechanical pencils to write your next story or draft chapters for your next book, you need an uninterrupted session of long writing. A mechanical pencil lasts for years and can be used the way you want. All it needs is a lead replacement to increase its life. You need not overthink about throwing it away as you would do with a wooden pencil. A mechanical pencil could be your lifelong friend and help you write for any of your projects in the future.

  • It is Eco-friendly

When you buy a mechanical pencil, you need not throw away the stubs, but, instead, keep refilling it. Can you just imagine the number of trees you will save by not using wooden pencils for writing? A mechanical pencil is an eco-friendly choice and could be your small contribution to saving nature. If you use a mechanical pencil for a long time, it is quite an environment-friendly option and best suited for the current situation. This way, you can focus on your writing, need not require to replace the whole pencil and also end up saving the environment.

  • No Mess with the Sharpening

A wooden pencil demands frequent sharpening, whereas a mechanical pencil requires none. You will spare the time and effort and be able to focus more on your writing task. Also, it is a good practice with kids to save time while writing an exam or doing assignments. They will be able to properly concentrate on their writing more and not so much on sharpening the pencil. It could be a bigger problem if they don’t have a sharpener on them. Another advantage of using a mechanical pencil is that it creates no mess at all. Imagine sharpening the pencil and throwing away the waste every time you want to use it! It is a bigger task and will end up eating your precious time.

  • Line Stays Consistent

When you sharpen a wooden pencil, the first few lines could end up thin. But, when you use a mechanical pencil, all the lines end up in a consistent thickness. So, if you are drawing on a paper and want the same thickness throughout, you would need a mechanical pencil to do the job. A wooden pencil is not the ideal instrument to maintain the perfect thickness throughout your task. It starts to get thicker and thicker as soon as you sharpen it. So, you must switch to a mechanical pencil for your serious projects and enjoy the consistency of your work. If you are an architecture or an engineer or a designer, you might find a mechanical pencil handy when you have to design your projects.

There are different colors and types of materials available when you buy a mechanical pencil. You could pick what you are looking for and enjoy easy and comfortable writing. It is a great way to get your kids engaged in a mechanical pencil right from the start. You may think that it is an expensive pencil when compared to a regular wooden pencil, but it is a much more interesting way to teach them about environment-friendly products. It is also an excellent instrument to get your kids to follow a comfortable way of writing projects. Since most of them have a great grip, your kids will enjoy writing for long, and there’s no trouble of sharpening the pencils as well.

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