10 Safety Measures At Home You Should Teach Your Kids

Kids are what make the world cheerful and happy! They bring a lot of innocence and perspective into this world by giving the adults a very valuable life lesson, plus nothing can be compared to the joy they bring to our lives by just being their funny selves.

But no matter how cute and lovely they are, as adults, parents are responsible for actually making sure they are safe. Just like we adults are taught some road safety tips and stuff, similarly, we have to teach our kids a few safety measures at home as well.

We know you probably wondering what safety measures? Given today, on Amazon, we have so many child-proofing products which you can use to make sure your babies don’t hurt themselves.

In this article, we have made it easier for you and listed down 10 safety measures that you should start teaching your kids from a young age.

10 Safety Measures for your Kids

1. Make sure your Kids know Helpline Numbers and Parents Numbers

Your children must know all the emergency numbers if there were an accident to occur. So what you can do is write down all the numbers as a reminder on the fridge so your kids can memorize it so if anything were to happen, then could dial and seek help immediately. These numbers should include police line, fire emergency, parents and guardians number.

2. Teach your Kids to Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

So if you are going on a date night and your kids are on their own and are older than eight, you should teach them not to open their door for anyone. This includes a pizza delivery guy or a friendly neighborhood friend dropping by to say hello, or anyone. Teach them to keep all the doors and windows locked.

3. Teach the Kids to Stay Away from Strangers

There was a time where talking to strangers was okay, but in today’s day and age, you don’t know if that stranger is a pervert or a molester, or even a kidnapper. You should teach your kids to stay away from stranger and not to even engage in any sort of conversation. A majority of kids are abducted while they only stop to say hello to a stranger.

4. Teach Them to be Careful on the Road

Road safety is another crucial thing that you need to teach your kids. Teach them the meaning of road lights. While this is also taught at schools but as a parent, you still need to teach your kids at home that when that walking sign on the signal goes white, that is the only time they need to walk. You should also teach them to walk only on the footpath.

5. Teach them about being safe on the Internet

Now, this is a bit tough; while today, Laptops and the internet come with child safety locks and blocking software but unfortunately, the kids these days are so smart that they can easily figure out all the hacks. So what you need to do is teach them not to enter the site they are not supposed to, also not to give out any information over the internet to anyone, not even their friends and relatives.

6. Teach your kids about Good Touch and Bad Touch

This can be an uncomfortable topic for parents, but you need to teach your kid about their bodies. This also means that you tell them that no one is supposed to touch them without their consent; also, it’s extremely important to tell them about good touch and bad touch. Given that a lot of kids are exploiting each other bodies, you also need to tell them not to let people they are friends with or know should touch them in the wrong way.

7. Teach them that they need the Consent of Parents to invite their friends over

Kids need to know that they need to inform their parents before inviting their friends over. This will teach them basic curtsy and manner to value the space and the people who live in it and tell their parents that they should be expecting guests at a certain time.

8. Instill Values that they don’t accept Gift from just Anyone

Kids naturally are drawn to toys, so if anyone offers them gifts and candies, they just run away to get them from them. So you need to teach them that they don’t have to accept gifts from anyone and everyone. Kids need to take permission from parents first, and if they get approval from parents, can they only accept gifts from a particular person.

9. Teach them to stay away from Harmful and Poisonous products

There are many electronic or gas products that your kids are not supposed to touch. So, it’s essential that you teach them to stay away from gas appliances, cords, and sockets. Moreover, you need to get a gas certificate to ensure that your kids are not at risk from gas leaks. You also need to tell them that some of the cleaning supplies are hazardous, so they need not open certain cleaning supplies. If they are old enough to clean, teach them to wear gloves, etc.

10. Teach them Boundaries to not Enter Certain Rooms

There are certain rooms in every house where kids are not supposed to enter. This room or drawer might particularly have some of your house official or legal document, birth certificates and many other legal documents, etc. You don’t want kids entering that room that might risk these documents colored at, or missed, etc.


Managing kids can be a lot of work, but once they get the flow of things, it gets easier. However, you need to communicate the following elements to make sure that your kids stay safe from all sorts of dangers and hazards.

Kids are kids, and it is our job to protect them from all kinds of dangers in the house and outside the house.

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