Accessories to Protect Your Staff from Common Forklift Accidents

About one in ten forklifts case accidents annually. This causes the death of about 100 workers and 20,000 related injuries in the US according to the Bureau of Labor and Statics. About 25 percent of the accidents result from poor operator training and it important to understand the causes of all accidents. Read on to understand how to protect your workplace from some of the common forklift accidents using handy accessories.


Auto-fork leveler

It is quite tricky to pick up and set down a pallet. Poor visibility of the operator encourages knocking off, tipping, or damaging the racking by the fork. An auto-fork leveler resets an empty fork to the ideal level with a press of a button. This allows easy navigating in and out of the pallet up high for operator confidence and increased productivity.

Safe-view wireless camera

This is mounted on the forklift mast to give the operator various viewing angles around the truck. The system has a monitor in the operator compartment for spotting the load as the fork around the pallet. Having a clear view of the load makes operation easier and safer for the product, equipment, and operator. Invest in a reasonably priced safe-view wireless camera with great picture quality. This should be easy to mount anywhere on the forklift with the ability of the system to include more cameras.

Pedestrian warning light

Collisions and rear collisions are common during lifting equipment and for pedestrians in the warehouse or distribution center. These collisions result from uncontrolled equipment and inattentive pedestrians. You have to make an effort so every pedestrian in your facility recognizes an on-coming forklift to stay alert. The operators have to maintain a safe speed and apply appropriate signaling devices. Safety is a shared responsibility in the workplace but is made easier by investing in appropriate forklift pedestrian safety parts.

Pedestrian warning lights come in red or blue but make it hard for the pedestrians to ignore noticing an oncoming forklift. This limits the chances of collisions that might cause injuries and death in severe cases. With about 20 percent of forklift accidents and 36 percent of deaths involving pedestrians, warning lights are a worthy investment.  The red light zone light allows pedestrians to notice an oncoming truck and keep a safe distance to avoid injuries.

Device mount

Using smartphone apps upgrades forklift activities while performing warehouse operations. However, truck vibrations and neglect by the operator to keep checking at the app data might make the smartphone to slip and fall on the floor and break. You can avoid this costly mistake by investing in durable mounts for smartphones and tablets. These are easy to mount on an easy-to-view part of the forklift to give the operator real-time data while accomplishing duties.

The ideal mounts are rugged to withstand vibration and shock to eliminate the chances of devices falling off the truck. Keep in mind that the mounts are designed for particular devices. Opt for those that come with arms and adaptors for the operator to adjust the device angle for a safer and easier view. Apart from smartphones and tablets, the mounts are made to hold bar-code scanners and RFID technology devices.

Digital control

Upgrade the control panel in your forklift to a digital option. This eliminates the complicated and cumbersome pulleys and levers in old model trucks. The digital panel makes reading data and calibration easier for operators to handle regular tasks smoothly. A digital control enhances safety operations in your workplace by limiting pallet and equipment damage, speed regulation, and avoiding pedestrian accidents.

Fingerprint start

Enhancing digital control with a fingerprint start makes operations easier and your workplace safer. This allows strict control over who uses the truck to avoid operation by unauthorized people. The biometric system captures the use of the truck including the use and switch-off time. This gives the assigned operator full control over the truck and commitment to ensure its safe use. There is no guesswork of who used the truck. Tracking truck use makes it easy to tell when maintenance and service are due.

Rugged tablet computer

Regular tablets work anywhere apart from the warehouse operations when mounted on a forklift. A busy warehouse or distribution center requires an ultra-rugged tablet for use on the forklifts. This tablet can withstand truck activity including shock and vibration. Additionally, rugged tablets are designed to withstand all forklift operating environments. This limits impact from heat from the sun, moisture, or dirt to allow the operators to go about their work without hurdles.

Bottom line

Workplace safety is a priority while operating forklifts. Apart from training the operators, investing in safety accessories enhances the safety of pedestrians and operators. Accessories like warning lights limit truck collisions, pallet damage, and structural damage. Pedestrians can easily tell an oncoming forklift on noticing the blue or red zone light to give way for the truck. This protects them from injuries that might cause death in severe situations.

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