Is Your Intellectual Property Protected?

Is Your Intellectual Property Protected? 1


If you’ve been here in the Philippines for quite some time, then maybe you’re too familiar of the logos of businesses thriving in the country. To name a few, there’s Meralco,  Jollibee, Coca-Cola, Safeguard, Globe, and many more that seemingly greatly impact Filipinos’ daily lives.

Well, these businesses have realized their huge importance of their symbols when it comes to achieving success the reason why they are most likely to register it for their business security.

If you own a business, you should also be smart enough to protect your intellectual property the early time. Securing your IP could be the best decision you’ll ever make as a businessperson. It means recognizing the importance of your business and taking measures to protect what you’ve built. This is especially important if your company houses a number of staffs and employees. It means that there are people who are greatly depending on your company. Not being able to secure your IP could be others’ chance to declare it as their own. Who knows if there’s someone who wants to take advantage of what you’ve got? Once they found out that you haven’t applied yet for an IP protection, they may choose to file an application for the property you own and they don’t even invented.

IP Rights in the Philippines

Patents, trademarks or logos, as well as copyrights, industrial designs, geographic indications, and layout-designs are just some of the things that have intellectual property rights included in the Republic Act No. 8293. This is a law that protects the works of scientists, inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

What are the benefits of protecting your intellectual property?

Intellectual property rights seek to give the inventor an appropriate recognition and lets him enjoy some financial advantages from his own original work. These rights basically extend up to 10 years but application filing can be renewed. If you’re looking for an IP law firm in the Philippines to help you with your application, then you can reach out to trademark lawyers at Aumento IP.

Once your application has been processed and become successful, know that you can finally practice and enjoy your right as an innovator.

Keep on reading below to know the benefits you can reap from your successful IP application:

Only you have the right to produce and create copies of your work. This implies that other entities would not be allowed to utilize your trademarks and symbols. If they ever do, then it would mean that they violated your rights and penalties should follow.

Only you can distribute copies of your work to the public. It is not possible for others to do the same without you permitting them. But if you’ve given them a consent, other entities may use your work along with receiving monetary rewards.

Only you are allowed to do imitations or some tweaks and spin offs from your work. People who desire to do the same so shall be required to give you payment.

Registration services for intellectual property in the Philippines are only a few clicks away. So ensure that your logo and your company’s asset are safe and secure today.

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