The Importance of Robust Environment in App Development – The Role of Salesforce DX

The new era of Salesforce app development is already here in the form of Salesforce DX. The Salesforce DX is the new gen platform for the better development of Salesforce apps. If you are new to the concept and are in the development of Salesforce apps, then you will be genuinely excited to find out how the platform works in enhancing your developer experience.

What is Salesforce DX?

This is simple terms is a product from Salesforce which is on the app cloud. And the main use of this versatile developers’ platform is to make it easy for the developers to manage and work in the development of the Salesforce apps in a way through the platform, which is more efficient, direct, and flawless.

The main advantages of Salesforce DX at a glance

Salesforce DX comes with some huge advantages. At a glance they are as follows:

  • True version control is one of the main reason developers prefer Salesforce DX. This means much better control on auditing, collaboration, and on controlling disaster.
  • The platform forms the crucial part of a release plan that is agile. This simply means the users of the platform can work and design new features quickly and releases them fast.
  • com and Heroku Flow are the two sources whose features are used in combination in Salesforce DX. The migration tool from Force.com is used in pushing and retrieving metadata, and this is referred to as the developer environment too. The platform pulls the functionalities together in one place. The resources from Heroku Flow are utilized in streamlining the application and integration processes.
  • Scratch orgs are orgs that created, used, and demolished easily for the purpose of using Salesforce code and metadata which can be used in used in hastening the development workflow. And new types of Salesforce environment are introduced into the scratch orgs.

Now that you know what the importance of Salesforce DX in making app development easier is, you know that you must employ this into your app development works.

Using third-party solutions that use the power of Salesforce DX

You may get professional help from thirds parties like Flosum.com too, who have their robust team of workers to use the latest technology and strengths of DX and develop apps. Besides, you also need a professional solution that would take equal interest in the complete app solution and taking responsibility for app lifecycle management. Lifecycle management solution contributes to the conceptualization, configuring, testing and merging, and finally the deployment phase.


If you are using a third party service, make sure that they are compliant with your industry. Whether you keep an individual or a team for the app development or you are employing service, you must see to it that the developers have a domain or industry-specific idea and experiences to make the apps specifically compliant and compatible. The compliance will ensure that the app gets used in the right way for the right purpose thereby making the use of the latest DX technology behind it purposeful.

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