5 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Never Do

For any interested party, the only thing between a house and their wallet is you, the real estate agent. Make a good enough impression and you might just tap into their hearts and sell them a house you’re representing, and find a good deal while at it! Whether based in Atlanta, Miami, or even New York, there are certain things that every real estate agent should do and avoid doing.

You have to be careful that you do not displease either the buyer or the seller. You can do a number of things to avoid doing this. The following is a list of common mistakes real estate agents should NEVER make if they want to make a favorable deal.

Never Say “It’s Not My Job”

Before opening a seller’s house for an Open House, the seller should properly clean up the house and make it presentable. However, on your final tour of the house, you are bound to see some things out of place—perhaps the garbage can is still full, or there are dirty dishes or laundry in plain sight! An oversight can occur even in the best of circumstances.

If looked over, these minor discrepancies might cause potential buyers to walk away! Never think of these things as trivialities or leave them because it isn’t in your job description — it is a part of your job!

Never Discredit the Seller

During a casual conversation with your client, new real estate agents usually make the mistake of saying things like “I know the price seems high, but my seller is willing to bring it down.”

Not only does this statement reflect badly on you and the seller, but it might also make the buyer trust you less and think that there is something wrong with the property. Saying things like this will impact your relationship with both parties adversely.

Never Let Out Confidential Details Openly

Your relationship with both parties must be based on honesty and trust, and not just monetary gain. If you must tell one party something confidential about the other, it is best you save it for the privacy of your car or your office.

Telling something damaging about the seller in the house may seem safe, but always assume that ‘big brother is watching’— big brother being the seller.

These days it is very easy to install a camera on the porch or in the garage for security, making it that much easier to get caught in the video frame. Although buyers don’t have the same luxury, if you share their information openly with the seller, it might reflect badly on your integrity.

Never Hold Back On Marketing Expenses

Not to say that you should go overboard with it but a real estate agent should invest in marketing. You might be tempted to save on marketing, seeing how you just spent a fortune on just getting the license and the relevant startup equipment.

A face people see everywhere is a face they can trust, making them believe in your skills, integrity, and accountability. Although this is true for every business out there, it fits real estate agency perfectly, that the more you market, the more you’ll sell.

Never Be Afraid Of Talking

Most new real estate agents have a fear of talking on the phone—they fear confrontations. It is commonly seen that people complain about their real estate agents that they either don’t pick up the phone or don’t call back after missing their calls.

This practice damages the relationship between agents and clients, and in turn the agent’s reputation. If you are too busy, you should consider hiring an assistant who can handle all your calls, otherwise, remember to get back on your missed calls, because a missed call is a missed opportunity!

Keeping yourself in check for these don’ts can help you grow your agency and save you a lot of effort and money. Remember, there is a fine line between becoming a successful real estate agent or just a statistic, so be careful not to cross it!

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