Most Recommended SEO Tools of 2020 that All Digital Experts Must Use to Boost Their Optimization Endeavors

Once you start understanding the finer points relating to search engine optimization, you would soon realize the importance of the right stratagem for your business. We know that mastering SEO optimization could prove to be quite challenging particularly if you have just begun. In this digitalized era, many cutting-edge SEO tools are just perfect for beginners who wish to get involved in hardcore SEO like New York SEO Agency. These tools may not guarantee automatic top rankings in the search engine ranking page, but they would prove to be immensely helpful while formulating a robust stratagem for achieving your goals and aspirations. We have identified some of the most popular SEO tools in 2020 and beyond.

Google Search Console

As per https://www.forbes.com, Google Search Console seems to be an absolute necessity for someone serious and dedicated regarding pursuing search engine optimization. This tool was formerly referred to as Google’s Webmaster Tools. One of the most crucial aspects of this software is that you could get news and updates directly from Google. Google would be directly notifying you in the event there is something wrong with your content or website. Google Search Console is known for its search analytics. Even though many SEO tools are capable of providing keyword positioning and various changes that take place over time, receiving valuable information from Google straightaway could prove to be immensely useful. No other tools would be providing the dataset richness level that Google seems to provide. The Google Search Console would be providing you with important keyword-specific information like Number of clicks, several impressions, average position, average CTR, mobile usability, and manual actions performed by Google, and accurate representation of links in your website.

Google Trends: SEO Checker Tool

Even though Google Trends was introduced many years back, it has not been utilized to its greatest potential yet. It provides valuable information relating to a keyword and also, offers valuable insight into trends relevant to the topic that could prove to be invaluable at every stage of growth for your business. You may search for keywords and get information associated with it such as top queries, geographical locations as per interest, rising queries, and even interest over time, etc. In the case, you do not know for sure the specific keywords that are right for you; you must use this SEO tool as it is the best for the purpose as per experts.

Woorank: SEO Ranking Tool

It is one of the top and effective SEO analysis tools that offer both paid and free versions for tracking and reporting precisely on your marketing information and data. You could beat the competition by simply discovering the specific keywords targeted by your competitors so that you could use those keywords. Try getting a report on precisely how specific keywords are performing over time for understanding your industry well and optimizing for users in the most effective way. You need to understand what your site is lacking, both in terms of content and technical aspect. This tool proves quite helpful in identifying duplicate content, security issues, and downtime. Moreover, it provides effective guidelines to fix the issues.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides a treasure house of information to your SEM or SEO team. It helps you to delve deep into your audience or traffic and provides valuable insights into visitor behavior data and acquisition data as well. You could get the full information relating to what they did, where and when they left, etc. Important insights provided by Google Analytics include the average amount of time a user ends up spending on the page and the session-time on an average. Google Trends provides critical data and information. Google has always been thinking in terms of highly-engaging content and by examining the amount of time an average user spends browsing your content, you would be able to determine how useful and valuable your content is for them.

Ahrefs- SEO Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is certainly one of the phenomenally popular SEO tools online. It is the second-largest website crawler after Google. Ahrefs Site Auditing is amazing and it is regarded as the top SEO analysis tool. This amazing tool would help in highlighting the specific parts of your site that need improvement so that you could achieve the best ranking possible. Ahrefs would also assist you in determining the backlinks of your competitors so that you could consider using them initially during your brand building process. Moreover, you could utilize this SEO tool for determining the most linked to online content within your industry or niche. Ahrefs is a multi-faceted tool and is popular in terms of rank tracking, keyword research, SEO audit, competitor research, viral content research, etc. Ahrefs boasts of the largest ever database of backlinks. 


SEMRush is certainly a vital search engine optimization tool that could be used by online marketers in their search optimization endeavors. SEMRush provides you detailed information regarding the precise keyword position changes. It helps you in identifying precise keywords that changed position, the specific ones gained and the others that were lost, information that you simply cannot otherwise, get from Google’s Search Console. When you use SEMRush in combination with SEO Quake and SEO Console, it becomes a truly powerful combination for helping you get a ranking for whatever keyword. You could perform an effective analysis of competitive keyword research and explore precisely what your competitors are ranking for and identify the specific pages linking to your competitors’ pages.


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is an excellent keyword finder that allows you to identify prime keywords and the user intents behind the searches that bring them up on top SERPs. It can track both long and short-tail phrases and will throw up hundreds of excellent suggestions for use on your website. The comprehensive report includes competition, keyword volume, seasonal trends, and CPC. It is used by PPC teams all over the world and is perfect for informing your campaigns on organic as well as paid SEO. The best part? It’s entirely free.


In this digital era more and more businesses are getting automated and taking their businesses to the next level. You have access to a broad spectrum of SEO tools that should help you make a mark in your niche in 2020 and beyond.

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    Ubersuggest is no longer free. I’d suggest another tool – https://www.pulno.com/backlink-view/ for backlink check.

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