Types of SEO Schema and why it is a vital part of SEO Strategy?

Schema markup is like a dictionary of your website for search engines. If you know a bit

about SEO, then you might have heard about Schema and structured data. Schema is the essential ingredient of optimizing a website’s technical SEO. Other than that, several types of Schema are necessary for boosting your SEO and generating more leads. Let’s discuss these schemas and how they play a crucial role in framing your SEO strategy.  

SEO schema

What is Schema markup and its types?

Before proceeding further with the types of Schema, it is vital to know the basics of it. Schema markup is the HTML code that tells the search engine how to read important information on the website. Further, it represents the text accordingly to the visitors.

Or Schema makes it possible for the search engines to display the relevant and to-the-point directions in search results. Different types of Schema are: 

FAQ Schema

When you type the contact number of “XYZ” skin specialists, Google displays the exact contact number. How is it possible for a machine bot like Google? Schema makes it possible. Website managers tag all the critical questions and their answers in the form of structured data. 

The benefit of FAQ Schema

A patient who wants to fix an appointment with the doctor in the above case will get his contact number quickly. Thus, the doctor will get more clients. It is just one case; there could be many such cases. For example, whether service information is available or not appears automatically on the SERPs when a customer puts up its query. 

Product Schema

eCommerce and product selling companies generally assign their products Schema. There are hundreds of similar products available in the market. Schema markup is the best way to attract customers. It will include its price, latest model, discounts, lightning deals, and offers.

A person interested in purchasing a watch will look at this information, see whether the price and offer suit him. If yes, he will instantly click on the eCommerce website and purchase. 

The benefit of Product Schema

Product Schema saves companies from putting their efforts into other marketing techniques. Customers get all the required data from the snippets section of the website itself. So, all three marketing techniques come under product schema.

  • A customer feels that it is the same product he requires.
  • He finds further features from the website like color, size, and other stuff.
  • And yes, the final deal is complete. He purchases the product.

Further, you can contact SEO professionals to design appropriate product schema for your website. 

Creative Work Schema

Many people publish creative works on their websites. And they get more recognition and popularity by showing rich snippets below website URLs. You can create the Schema for your artistic works like articles, book reviews, movies, TV episodes, and recipes.

Let’s take the example of book reviews. Book reviews websites focus on publishing reviews of the latest books in the market. How will search engines come to know who the author of the book is? Or what is the name of the book? It is by specifying the name of the person as an author is the schema code. Similarly, mention the title of the book. 

The benefit of creative work schema

When you assign the specialty of words, it becomes easier for both search engines and users to get the essential information correctly. For instance, if the movie description doesn’t include the name of the actors, how will people come to know that this movie contains their favorite actors? In this digital age, being specific about crucial data is of utmost importance. 

Local Business Schema

Local Business Schema is the crux of business details for your local customers and partners. If a client wants to reach you, they need your location and contact number. So, the local business schema includes:

  • Location: Proper address and Google Maps link. It helps people to reach your address.
  • Contact details: Contact details are crucial if someone wants to fix a pre-appointment or wants to get in touch with you.
  • Operation timings: You must provide from when to when your teams work in the office.
  • Services: What type of services do you currently offer? It facilitates your clients to know what services they can access—further, specifying whether you provide online or offline services.

The benefit of Local Business Schema

Optimizing your website for local business schema increases your credibility online. And it helps in getting more clients and expanding your reach. When anyone asks Google for your niche, your website and business details get automatically on SERPs. 


In brief, the Schema is the need of the hour to remain much ahead of the competition in the market. It is the most effective way to reach your target customers. Schema is applicable in almost all types of websites, let it be a blog, creative works, companies, FAQs, and portfolio. Indeed, Schema is influential in improving SEO for every niche and sector. So, when are you planning to update your Schema?

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